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Founded in 2004, Staffpoint provides web-based Human Resources software for small to mid-sized businesses. This software offers a robust suite of integrated functions that include personnel tracking, applicant tracking, employee scheduling, payroll, and more. The web-based deployment allows users to access the system anywhere there with an Internet connection, making it easy to access important reports or manage tasks in real time.

We really like the one-click, color-coded scheduling interface. The Scheduling Engine swiftly scans an organization's complete employee roster and determines who is the best fit for an assignment based on skills, availability, seniority, and any other qualifications specified. This group of personnel is then presented in an ordered list that is ranked based on the criteria selected. This level of proficiency extends to the tracking of strengths and weaknesses for all staff, including individuals that have gone through the interview process, are still in training, and more.

To ensure assignments are received by staff in a timely manner, Staffpoint allows notifications to be automatically sent through email, SMS or automatic telephone notification, including any changes or cancellations that occur. The assignments can be accepted the same way, with just one click, establishing clear communication for all team members.

We recommend this software for companies with over 50 employees and any number of users in a wide range of industries, such as staffing agencies, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and much more. Staffpoint offers four versions of their system to meet the varying needs and requirements of an organization.


Staffpoint - Scheduling interface
  • Staffpoint - Scheduling interface
    Scheduling interface
  • Staffpoint - Staff availability
    Staff availability
  • Staffpoint - Search engine
    Search engine
  • Staffpoint - Control and data
    Control and data
  • Staffpoint - Set staff credentials, pay rates, payroll settings, exclusions and more
    Set staff credentials, pay rates, payroll settings, exclusions and more
  • Staffpoint - Track scheduling and staffing activity
    Track scheduling and staffing activity
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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