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Workrowd is the all-in-one solution for managing company culture and employee engagement across both on-site and remote workers. Employees today need work to work for them. They need flexibility, accessibility, and community no matter where they’re based. Workrowd makes it easy to deliver on this mandate and maintain your position as an employer of choice. Our intuitive, one-stop platform enables every company to make the most of both top-down and bottom-up approaches to providing a great employee experience. Workrowd builds transparency and access for every team member at your organization, and captures key data points so you always have a read on how your employee programs are performing and impacting your bottom line. The platform is highly flexible, enabling you to...
Give every employee a personalized dashboard for their company activities and initiatives, making it easy to immediately see what's on deck. Programs can span professional development; diversity, equity & inclusion; intrapreneurship; social impact; & more
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