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Most executives are stuck in the weeds of the day-to-day operations of the business which are a mess because their business elements are siloed, data is inconsistent & incorrect, and business decisions are reactive. This keeps them away from the strategic activities that drive their growth and prohibits them from adapting to changes, quickly. So at GreenSpoon we have created a unified business growth platform where you can proactively manage all aspects of your business from one place - from managing all your internal & external relationships, to just-in-time inventory, embedded & clean financials and real-time business analytics. We ensure you drastically increase your revenue by being able to compete in a larger market, focus on growth-activities and make real-time ...

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Pricing is simple and straight forward. $699 per month for up to 15 Users. First & Last Due at signing. No Implementation Fees!

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$699.00 per month

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