KeePassXC Alternatives




Top 4 Alternatives


KeePass is an open-source password management tool that enables businesses to store passwords in an encrypted database accessible via a single master key. It comes with a key file module, which allows users to set passwords in fil...Read more about KeePass

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PassCamp is a cloud-based password and access management solution that helps teams of all sizes generate secure credentials and protect sensitive information. The tool has been developed to be the perfect password manager for team...Read more about PassCamp

Sticky Password

Sticky password is a web-based password and identity management solution for individuals and companies of all sizes. The software offers tools such as password creation, auto password completion, user access management, auto-fill ...Read more about Sticky Password

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Specops Password Auditor

Specops Password Auditor is a password audit tool that can identify password-related vulnerabilities within Active Directory accounts. Designed to improve password security and help organizations meet compliance requirements, this...Read more about Specops Password Auditor