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Appogee Time is secure software for tracking time against clients, projects and teams with metrics, planning & budgeting and more that you can customize to your needs. - Track time against clients, tasks, projects and even teams Create all of your individual projects, tasks, customers and teams so you can track timings easily, and customize that to your needs. You can either track in real-time or after completion which keeps your project time tracking as accurate and productive as your teams are! - Pre-project planning & budgeting Forecast costs & timescales for each of your customers with project estimates allocated to different and customizable staff roles in-app. This allows you access to more accurate pre-project budgeting, forecasting, as well as productivity me...

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The price shown is per user per month for between 25-250 users. It is in GBP and does not include VAT. Annual contracts and billing apply. Pricing is available in packs. Micro is sold as one pack of 10, Small is sold in packs of 25 for up to 250 users and 251+ users are sold in packs of 50. Additional packs purchased during contract are applied pro-rata. Additional consultancy set-up optionally available, please contact for more information, non-profit pricing or for pricing over 1000 users.

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£4.00 per month

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