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South Korea's IT software industry has been growing at a rapid pace than anywhere else in the world. But amidst this highly competitive and fierce market, FLOW.team was able to rise and become a household name through the quality of our product, service, and price competitiveness, with over 350 thousand global enterprises actively using our platform such as Samsung Electronics, LG, Hyundai, Kia, as well as startups and mid-sized companies. FLOW.team is a project management solution that helps businesses manage tasks, team progress, internal collaboration and more. We are proud to be driving innovation in workplace productivity and workflow efficiency which further contributes in carbon emission reduction by promoting remote work culture and less paper consumption.

FLOW.team Pricing

FLOW.team replaces most apps you frequently use for work such as task manager, real-time chat, file storage, among others. See how our plans compare bundling all the apps you are currently using for work with our all-in-one collaboration tool and start saving more than 50% on monthly plans, which will save you more than triple the amount in yearly contract expenses. Individual Plans: -Free (For individual or external partners) -Freelancer Pro: £8.79 (For freelancers and independents who need to start working smarter) Team Plans: -Business Basic: £9.99 (For start-ups and growing businesses) -Business Pro: £11.99 (For larger businesses who need extra security)

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