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Powermemo is a project management solution designed for managers in midsize and large companies across several industries. Key features include a smart note tool (allowing tasks and stakeholders to be assigned during meetings and from workshop notes) and a collaborative workspace (includes file and document sharing, commenting and discussion threads and smart search capabilities). The system also allows for real-time work performance measuring (manage tasks, progress and optimize performance).

Managers can use the tool for project planning as well as resource management (managing workloads and matching competencies among teams and individuals). Additionally, Powermemo helps organizations with project portfolio management, aligning projects and resources with long-term business targets.

Powermemo is available worldwide across all operating systems. The product is priced per month (with unlimited users) with several feature packages to choose from so the solution is scalable and can grow with the users’ business needs. Interested parties can try the product free for 45 days.


Powermemo - Memos and documentation
  • Powermemo - Memos and documentation
    Memos and documentation
  • Powermemo - People report
    People report
  • Powermemo - Write memo
    Write memo
  • Powermemo - Workspaces
  • Powermemo - Add task
    Add task
  • Powermemo - Show reports
    Show reports
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Tommi from Roninworks Oy

July 2015

July 2015

A good tool if you want more transparency and accountability in your organization


Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality

I started to use this product because the implementation of our decisions was slow and it was always a hassle to find out, what had been done after the meetings. There were lots of emails flying around and people were asking, "where is the memo and was there something for me to do...."

Powermemo is easy to use, but as with any new Saas- service or software it takes a little time to get used to. But Powermemo staff was helpful and the onboarding was painless.

Powermemo does what it promises, but the tricky thing is to get everyone to use it. A culture of transparency is not always easy to start and uphold. But when you get it going, it eliminates a lot of waste.

Review Source: Capterra