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AMBITious POS is a unique and comprehensive retail system created to meet the needs of the lumber, farm, and home store industries. AMBITious POS understands that businesses within these industries have specialized needs, such as units of measure, changing costs of equipment, and margins that must be taken into account. By considering these specific requirements and narrowing their focus, AMBITious POS works to make retailers in this space more profitable.

This intuitive system was designed with ease of use for the end-user in mind. When a retailer makes the switch to AMBITious POS, their existing data is easily imported into the new system, making it simple for merchants transitioning between systems to maintain their client records. AMBITious POS is incredibly flexible, and can support many types of hardware; it also integrates easily with most PCs, bar code readers, and other necessary retail equipment.

Upon deployment, a system expert with extensive knowledge of AMBITious POS, PCs, and netowrk connections will come to each location, personally installing the system to optimize the user experience. A personal training session with staff is also included to help minimize the learning curve and ensure that your business is up and running as soon as possible. Any issues with the system are automatically recorded, so that an AMBITious expert can begin to solve the problem before retailers realize an issue exists. With excellent support and an emphasis on being user-friendly, AMBITious POS is a smart choice for farm, lumber, and other retailers looking to improve their business ultimately increase their bottom line.


AMBITious POS - Accounts receivable
  • AMBITious POS - Accounts receivable
    Accounts receivable
  • AMBITious POS - Bids and quotes
    Bids and quotes
  • AMBITious POS - Customers
  • AMBITious POS - Inventory
  • AMBITious POS - Purchase orders
    Purchase orders
  • AMBITious POS - Retail order processing
    Retail order processing
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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