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Struggling to juggle your inventory, customer base, and company metrics while managing a storefront? You've come to the right place. RDT Retail Suite by RDT Systems offers an end-to-end solution that targets all of these issues with finesse.

RDT automatically tracks your existing inventory, recording sales and updating the database in real time. At the end of the day, a few quick keystrokes will show you how much money your business brought in that day. The system will also generate an automatic shopping list for low stock so that replenishing inventory is a snap. 

Furthermore, RDT can highlight popular items so you can increase your inventory orders - an invaluable tool for stores that carry seasonal and holiday items in particular. Another important feature is the ability to set and automatically add sales tax for your region.

Marketing and social media-savvy retailers will appreciate its dynamic reporting, including the functionality for tracking and pulling customers' addresses for targeted mailings. Retailers can set up an electronic order portal, driving sales directly to the company without hassle, and the customer loyalty program is a powerful, intuitive tool.

We appreciate the flexibility that RDT offers, with customization available for a range of retail markets with high volume register transactions, from supermarket chains to drug franchises and mass discounters. It also offers EBT Processing, a must-have for grocery retailers. With a low licensing cost and scalable adoption costs, RDT can be installed on-premise, and offers touch-screen capability for maximum ease of use.


RDT - Customer Detail Account Info Tab
  • RDT - Customer Detail Account Info Tab
    Customer Detail Account Info Tab
  • RDT - Item Master Summary Filters
    Item Master Summary Filters
  • RDT - Item-Style-Color-Size-Width
  • RDT - Register Transaction
    Register Transaction
  • RDT - POS Change Customer
    POS Change Customer
  • RDT - Customized Tendor Options
    Customized Tendor Options
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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