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Gaviti is an invoice to cash flow automation solution that helps accounts receivable teams make better credit decisions, reduce DSO, and reconcile payments faster. Trusted by industry leaders like EY, cPrime, PWC, and many more,...Read more about Gaviti


Trovata is an intelligent cash-management tool on an open banking platform that aggregates your cash data across all your bank accounts, consolidating & normalizing your transaction data into one unified view. Trovata helps you ...Read more about Trovata


Agicap delivers a robust cash management solution tailored for SMBs and mid-market firms. As a leading European SaaS provider, we aim to transform how financial professionals manage their most challenging aspect - cash flows - ena...Read more about Agicap

ACH Universal

ACH Universal is a payment processing software designed to help small and midsize businesses create automated clearing house (ACH) files to consolidate funds between accounts and transfer payments to vendors. The platform enables ...Read more about ACH Universal

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Integrated Receivables

HighRadius offers cloud-based Autonomous Software for the Office of the CFO. More than 800 of the world’s leading companies have transformed their order to cash, treasury, and record to report processes with HighRadius. Our custom...Read more about Integrated Receivables

AccessPay Platform

Corporate-to-Bank Integration Platform is a web-based financial management software designed to help businesses integrate back-office systems with payment schemes, banks and fintech applications to streamline corporate banking ope...Read more about AccessPay Platform

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MX.3 is a cloud-based solution that enables public agencies, banks, clearing brokers and other businesses to handle operations related to trading, costs, funding and risk management, compliance tracking, and more. The platform inc...Read more about MX.3

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ZenTreasury is a cloud-based accounting and portfolio management solution, which helps non-financial and accounting businesses manage finances, vouchers, foreign exchange operations and more. The platform enables users to automate...Read more about ZenTreasury

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Cforia.autonomy is a cloud-based accounts receivable automation platform that offers business owners the ability to consolidate and visualize AR data such as credit, collections, disputes, deductions, cash flow, and receivables fr...Read more about Cforia.autonomy

Treasury Intelligence Solutions

TIS helps CFOs, Treasurers, and Finance teams transform their global cash flow, liquidity, and payment functions. Since 2010, our award-winning cloud platform and best-in-class service model have empowered the entire office of t...Read more about Treasury Intelligence Solutions


Libeo is an account payable solution designed to help CFOs, SMEs and accountants centralise, validate, and pay supplier invoices. With Libeo, you can manage the entire purchasing lifecycle via a unified portal. It offers a variety...Read more about Libeo

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Friday Finance

Friday Finance is a pre-accounting software that automates the month-end close, from invoice approvals and reconciliation to bill payments and corporate cards. Entrepreneurs all over Europe save up to 20 hours every month by havin...Read more about Friday Finance

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Unleash financial prowess with Nomentia: Empower, Grow, Thrive! Our comprehensive platform offers a suite of cutting-edge tools and solutions designed to streamline every aspect of financial management, from cash flow optimizatio...Read more about Nomentia

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TRADE.EASY is a SaaS business management solution designed to streamline inventory, logistics, procurement, and other critical processes for businesses. The platform's functionalities empower users to conduct online order manageme...Read more about TRADE.EASY

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Fygr is a financial management software designed to help small and midsize businesses build and monitor cash flow projections. The platform enables administrators to categorize and monitor transactions across multiple bank account...Read more about Fygr

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PUBLIQ Software Property Tax Management

PUBLIQ Property Tax Management software assists businesses by helping them remain compliant with state and local laws, maintain property tax records from previous years, keep track of year-to-date account balances, handle real est...Read more about PUBLIQ Software Property Tax Management

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Piteco Evo 5

Piteco Evo 5 is a cloud-based and on-premise treasury management solution that helps businesses handle cash processes, analyze financial and asset planning, and more. Key features include real-time reporting, audit trail, and aler...Read more about Piteco Evo 5

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Designed for financial markets businesses, Calypso is a cloud-based software that helps businesses with investment management, risk management, and central banking. The cloud-based platform provides solutions for the financial ind...Read more about Calypso

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CashAnalytics is a provider of cash forecasting and liquidity planning software that allows companies to put intelligent cash flow analysis at the center of their most important business decisions. Our web based solutions enable...Read more about CashAnalytics

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IBSFINtech is an Enterprise Treasury, Risk, and Trade Finance Management (TRTFM) solution. The product portfolio comprises the following modules- - Innovative Treasury Innovative Trade Finance7i (On-prem) Exclusive modules for...Read more about IBSFINtech


Companies can have a great profit & loss statement but go bankrupt because of cash. Orama analyzes data, automatically organizes the past, forecasts future estimations, and gives real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) of the ...Read more about Orama

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Kyriba is a cloud-based treasury management software that helps businesses gain an overview of asset liquidity and monitor financial risks on a centralized platform. Professionals can generate cash forecasts based on specific days...Read more about Kyriba

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Axonaut is a customer relationship management solution that helps businesses handle quotes, invoices, accounting, sales, ticketing, and other administrative processes from within a unified platform. Users can customize quotes and ...Read more about Axonaut


LeanPay is a customer reminder software that helps users accelerate their collections. Plan and automate their customer reminders, manage their receivables and offer their customers reliable and secure online payment methods. Off...Read more about LeanPay

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Eazitron is a low-cost simple business management suite that helps to manage small business. It covers all aspects of the business from managing invoices and inventory to projects, agendas, cash flows and much more. Eazitron can b...Read more about Eazitron

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GTreasury is a treasury management platform that offers a comprehensive view of your company’s cash position and control across the business. It seamlessly connects cash positioning, forecasting and in-house banking for a comprehe...Read more about GTreasury

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Shootih offers a 360° view of your asset holdings and provides timely notifications for upcoming expenses and holidays. it includes alerts when business owners have idle cash and suggests the best investment opportunities. The pl...Read more about Shootih

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Titan Treasury

Titan Treasury is a multi-user, multi-currency solution covering corporate companies' treasury valuation and financial risks analysis. Some features include transaction insertion and management, fees calculations, valuations, paym...Read more about Titan Treasury

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Designed for freelancers and sole proprietors, Indy is a cloud-based software that helps manage income, track expenses, view transactions, and handle other accounting processes from a centralized platform. It lets staff members ge...Read more about Indy

4.7 (6 reviews)

Oracle Corporate Banking

Oracle Corporate Banking is a commercial loan management software designed to help businesses manage treasury, collaterals and supply chain financing processes. The platform enables managers to forecast cash flows and gain visibil...Read more about Oracle Corporate Banking

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SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a cloud-based and on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. It is suitable for small, midsize and large businesses in industries such as automotive, engineering, construction, mining, research an...Read more about SAP S/4HANA Cloud

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Iziago is a modular and evolving software that allows small and medium-sized business owners to keep track of their company's financial health. With features including treasury budget, cash forecasting, bank synchronization, and p...Read more about Iziago

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B1 Unity

B1 Unity is the software specially designed for Solidarity Associations and Employee Cooperatives that uses B1, the largest banks in Central America. It allows users to increase the levels of service and attention through digitiza...Read more about B1 Unity

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Xepelin is a 100% digital platform for all types of companies, where they can pay their bills, advance the payment of their invoices and solve their liquidity problems by accessing financing. Use technology for the benefit of comp...Read more about Xepelin

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As a market leader in account receivable automation, Tesorio's intelligent A/R platform empowers Finance, Sales, and Customer Success by automating key finance processes and providing valuable insights on when to collect and commu...Read more about Tesorio


Save up to 75% of the time your finance team spends on manual tasks. Getting in seconds and without time lag: - Consolidation of cash and debt positions in real-time. - Automation of reporting and financial forecasts, with conne...Read more about Embat

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Denario provides an integrated business payments experience, helping small businesses and startups to automatically capture bills and receipts from various sources, process payments using a number of different methods and modaliti...Read more about denario

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myDiapason Treasury

myDiapason Treasury is a treasury management tool designed for mid-sized and large corporations. It provides a centralized system for managing all financial flows from start to finish. This tool is particularly beneficial for trea...Read more about myDiapason Treasury

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Payference, the all-in-one tool for real-time, dynamic cash forecasting helps you manage your entire cash flow and working capital options. Make AR more efficient, collect cash faster, and improve the customer experience with our ...Read more about Payference

4.3 (3 reviews)

Infor Complete Billing System (CBS)

The Infor Complete Billing System (CBS) emerges as a sophisticated enterprise solution, seamlessly merging the realms of pricing and billing into a single, integrated application. With a focus on delivering a modern user experienc...Read more about Infor Complete Billing System (CBS)

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MyTreasur-e provides specialized cloud-based solutions for Treasury, Cash Management, and Lease Accounting. MyTreasur-e differentiates itself with its user-centric design and advanced reporting, taking the hassle out of managing y...Read more about MyTreasur-e

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TreasuryView is an all-in-one platform designed to simplify financial risk management for companies. With its intuitive interface and powerful automation tools, TreasuryView streamlines treasury functions, providing real-time data...Read more about TreasuryView

4.8 (4 reviews)


Having a credit management solution in place in your finance department ensures an efficient and effective cash flow in your company. This is especially important when dealing with high volumes of debtors and invoices. CreditManag...Read more about CreditManager

4.0 (1 reviews)


Quanto® is a software in the cloud that allows financial institutions to automate their processes, improve their productivity and achieve their strategic objectives. It allows to operate a wide range of financial products such as ...Read more about Quanto

5.0 (2 reviews)

Serrala Suite

Serrala offers a unique portfolio of automated end-to-end solutions that take the finance office into the digital age. It offers: - Seamlessly integrated solutions to manage all in and outbound payments, treasury processes as wel...Read more about Serrala Suite

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With Abby, an auto-entrepreneur can manage administrative procedures on a single platform, streamline the automatic calculation of contributions, and send declarations to Urssaf. The invoicing module assists with the creation of ...Read more about Abby

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Soan is a cloud-based financial management software designed to help businesses streamline billing, customer relationship management, re-launching, and accounting operations through a centralized dashboard. Key features of Soan ...Read more about Soan

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Irma is a cash flow management software for self-employed entrepreneurs, VSEs and SMEs. Irma's approach goes far beyond the display of a simple cash flow monitoring graph by proposing clear and personalized recommendations accordi...Read more about irma

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Monitr is a personalized finance and cash flow solution that provides a range of powerful tools to help you manage your finances effectively and make informed decisions about your business. With Monitr, you can easily report your...Read more about Monitr

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The Qotid platform offers many services: Cash management: Connect your banks and centralize all your cash flows. Anticipate your decisions by creating a reliable and updated forecast in a few clicks Supplier purchase management...Read more about Qotid

4.0 (2 reviews)


Finora is a treasury Guarantee Management Software that offers organizations a flexible platform to manage Bank Guarantees, Letter of Credit, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Term Loan and Mutual Fund. Application manages complete work ...Read more about Finora

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Cegid Treasury

Cegid Treasury is a cutting-edge solution for managing the financial aspects of businesses. It provides a comprehensive platform that effectively handles cash flow, financial risks, and treasury operations. This solution offers r...Read more about Cegid Treasury

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Quipu is the integrated management solution designed to simplify and automate the accounting, financial and tax operations of businesses. You can create any type of invoice in a matter of seconds, obtaining a clear view of the s...Read more about Quipu

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Tidely is a cash flow management software that helps businesses gain real-time visibility into cash flow positions and handle liquidity. Tidely provides a dashboard that enables users to gain an overview of account balances, inco...Read more about Tidely

4.5 (2 reviews)


Banktrack is a software solution designed to streamline business finance management. This platform consolidates all company bank accounts into one interface, providing a comprehensive view of financial status. It offers the abilit...Read more about Banktrack

5.0 (3 reviews)


TreasurUp is a cloud-based platform designed to enhance online banking services for commercial banks. This platform offers web and mobile interfaces tailored to the needs of each bank. It is designed to assist corporate clients in...Read more about TreasurUp

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