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I'mOnIt! Equipment and Facilities Maintenance & Compliance System is the flexible, user-friendly CMMS with a modest one-time price designed for those organizations that desire a rock solid, in-house maintenance software tool. It’s designed to deliver the essential elements of CMMS (automatic task scheduling, work order & parts control, cost and activity capture, and analysis reporting) to the maintenance team in an easy-to-use fashion, making it a great fit for those moving away from Excel sheets or a manual process. 

I'mOnIt! is currently in use by over 500 organizations across a broad commercial spectrum including manufacturing, food processing, construction, logistics, utility servicers, casinos, colleges, senior facilities, and marinas. Any company looking for an easy-to-use product with designed flexibility would find I'mOnIt! a good fit. An added benefit is I’mOnIt!’s email capabilities, which expand a company's reach, improving process management and customer satisfaction. 

I'mOnIt! includes a comprehensive suite of applications for preventive maintenance, work order management, asset management, facilities compliance and  parts control. The focus of the software is on effective, automated maintenance and compliance management that prevents facilities and equipment from breaking down or failing to meet compliance standards, both of which can halt production and cause operation costs to skyrocket. I'mOnIt! provides a number of features to simplify this process.

All of these features lead to reduced total cost of ownership, as well as a more collaborative team. All critical data related to maintenance requests, work orders and follow-up can be easily accessed by all necessary parties.

We recommend I'mOnIt! to growing companies seeking an easy-to-use, affordable system to manage their equipment, facilities and compliance.


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Milton from Eddy Packing Co., Inc.

July 2012

Date: July 2012


Sarah from Powercool Marine

June 2012

Date: June 2012