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BigWave is web-based Customer Relationship Management solution for Maintenance and Field Service Project teams struggling to manage daily operations with manual procedures and spreadsheets. Since 2005, scores of major retailers and industry-leading multi-site companies have implemented BigWave to unify and optimize their field service operations.

Mobile-friendly BigWave supports a paperless operation by allowing technicians to collect signatures from store managers electronically, upload reports, and note statuses from mobile devices. Pipeline reporting facilitates efficiency by allowing users to quickly review the status of all service work pipelines across scheduled sites. BigWave also has the capability to build custom reports, and its templating functionality cuts down on unnecessary administrative overhead by prefilling work orders with the details technicians need.

BigWave provides a dedicated web page for each site, allowing users to track schedules, enter custom field information and pricing, and report job statuses. Customers can view their job status online and work collaboratively to cease the need for status updates. Critical information uploaded electronically is recorded accurately and organized logically to assure timely payment from satisfied customers.

BigWave is a scalable solution developed specifically to manage deployments. It records dates for each activity on a site, assigns specific duties internally, and then notifies the appropriate users when steps are complete, due, or overdue. Maintenance and Field Service teams will find BigWave to be an effective solution to boost profitability by increasing efficiency and cultivating strong relationships with customers.


BigWave - Home page - multi-project
  • BigWave - Home page - multi-project
    Home page - multi-project
  • BigWave - Site tracking
    Site tracking
  • BigWave - Work order
    Work order
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Emily from DeployNet
Specialty: Software / IT

December 2013

December 2013

Project Manager



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

BigWave has been very accommodating to all our requests for information, additions to the system, etc. They are always looking for how to make the system more usable for all customers. The software fits what we are completing currently.

Likes Least

We would like to see the technician section expand with more details (i.e.-tech prices, regions, etc). Another thing is that you are unable to replicate a project. There are only certain fields that you are able to import and export to create a new project; everything else has to be completed manually.

We do not like that there are limited seats as well.


Make sure they have a complete understanding on how to use the system.

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