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Contactability LeadManager is a powerful, cloud-based marketing platform that was created to help companies increase visibility, monitor leads moving through the pipeline, and track closed deals. This comprehensive solution relies on complex algorithms paired with advanced features to maximize engagement with potential and current customers. Because it’s web-based, it can be accessed from any internet-ready device - computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Within their suite, Contactability delivers marketing and sales automation, customer service and support, web self-service, and call center. Their intelligent workflow helps agents and representatives streamline their daily process. Contactability integrates with any lead source and can capture leads from any web form. A response to all inquiries is generated immediately through automatic dialing, email marketing, or direct mail. After the software detects interest, prospects are pushed forward to a rep or re-routed to a nurturing program. Once the lead has become a customer, Contactability’s retention campaigns help stay connected with them via follow up calls and/or emails.

From the first point of contact with a lead, Contactability’s dynamic features help leverage industry best practices. Their intelligent calendar system sends out reminders about upcoming calls or meetings. All interaction history on leads is recorded in the activity stream for future reference. Users can create custom fields and record data on the fly, and leads are tagged with dispositions for easy management.

Contactability LeadManager is available in three different packages, so companies can customize usage to fit their needs, and since it’s delivered from the cloud, there is no software to install or hardware to buy.


Contactability LeadManager - Leads
  • Contactability LeadManager - Leads
  • Contactability LeadManager - Lead manager
    Lead manager
  • Contactability LeadManager - Dashboard
  • Contactability LeadManager - Dashboard
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    Email templates
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    Email campaigns
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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