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Highrise is a CRM solution for small businesses with contact and task management functionality. The software allows users to track communication with clients so that teams can view the status of deals and relationships. Contacts can be imported into Highrise from Outlook, Gmail, and Excel and tagged so that they can be organized, filtered, and searched. Users can also add notes and comments to contact details and utilize custom data fields for people and companies.

Highrise task management functionality lets users create tasks, view tasks by company, contact or project, and add reminders to projects. Users can also share address books, store important emails, attach documents to projects and control the privacy settings.

Highrise provides a feature called “Good Morning,” which is a virtual personal assistant that helps users organize and respond to incoming activity that needs attention. The software connects to MailChimp so that users can target and send email marketing campaigns to contacts. The software also integrates with other third party tools via API.


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Vicki from ADK Executive Search and Consulting
Specialty: Other

January 2016

January 2016

A Database Program That Has Multiple Functions



Product Quality

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Likes Best

Before we began using Highrise, we thought that we were going to have to hire someone to create a database for us, then hire someone to maintain it. When we discovered Highrise, this solved our issues. We are an executive search firm, and Highrise allows us to keep track of every job candidate who sends us a resume. We have their contact information at our fingertips, and we can attach their resumes and any other pertinent info to their Highrise entry. We have also found it extremely useful to use the tags. In this way, we can differentiate our candidates by the type of work that they do, and also by what positions they have applied for in the past. If we are trying to reach out to someone with a financial background, we do a Highrise search using our financial tag, and everyone who has financial experience will come up in the search. We can even narrow it down to region, city, state or zip code. We like using the notes so that any of our team members who look at a Highrise entry can see if there's anything about a particular candidate another team member found notable during a phone conversation, for example. We also really like how integrated Highrise is with LinkedIn, because we use LinkedIn quite a bit.
There are a lot of features of Highrise that are automatic that help us a lot. For instance, as long as a person's profile in Highrise has their email address, we can forward emails to a dedicated Dropbox email and Highrise will automatically pick it up and add it to that person's Highrise profile.

Likes Least

It's not very hard to overwrite an entry and you have to be careful when you are importing contacts from other software programs. It's time consuming when setting up the database to enter all of the data, however, Highrise has made it as easy as possible.


Create a "temporary group" that you simply play around with. This will allow you to make mistakes that won't count in the long run. Don't be afraid to experiment with your temporary group. When you are in LinkedIn, you can right click on a person’s name and click the “copy shortcut”. You can paste that into the person’s profile:

1. You must be in edit mode on the profile.

2. Paste the shortcut link into the “LinkedIn” space

3. Save.

That creates a new tab on the person’s profile.

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