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Nickelled is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for small and midsize businesses. It offers content authoring, website integration and mobile learning within a suite. Its goal is to automate customer service and support so that customers can use guides to help themselves.

Nickelled allows users to design infographic-based user guides for their software products using default templates. Once users create the guides, Nickelled automatically sends them to administrators for approval, and once approved, the guides can be published directly on any page of the product website. Once the guides are uploaded, visitors to users’ websites will be able to use these guides as self-service tools.

Nickelled also features analytics tools, which allow users to track the performance of each training guide published, including number of visits, conversion rates and satisfaction scores. Training guides can be shared using links to web pages.

Nickelled offers a native mobile application, which allows salespeople to give product demos to customers using their tablets and smartphones.


Nickelled - Customize guides
  • Nickelled - Customize guides
    Customize guides
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    Pop-up guides
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Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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