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Track-It! is a comprehensive IT service desk management platform by BMC Software. It handles asset, change, knowledge and license management and provides a wide selection of reporting and analytics dashboards and reports.

Knowledge management, a central component of Track-It!, is designed to save the time and money of IT service departments by building a database of known issues and solutions. This database provides direction to solve new issues as they arise. It also offers insight into recurring trends and support challenges. Solutions can be designated by technicians as either private or public, and all solutions marked public can be made available to end users as part of a self-service channel.

Track-It! includes a mobile portal, allowing technicians to add and update work orders from any mobile device. Apart from these core components, Track-It! offers a range of optional add-ons for additional functionality, such as satisfaction surveys and remote control.


Track-It! - Asset management
  • Track-It! - Asset management
    Asset management
  • Track-It! - Change management
    Change management
  • Track-It! - Work order
    Work order
  • Track-It! - Self-service
  • Track-It! - Software license management
    Software license management
  • Track-It! - Mobile view
    Mobile view
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Windows 2000, Windows 8

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from Sonoma County Library
Specialty: Other
Number of employees: 101 to 500 employees Employees number: 101 to 500 employees

Very Powerful



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

I have been using TrackIt! for more than 13 years. It has so many features. At times there are even a few too many. I only use a portion of all that is available and it is great.

They will be going to a web-based service. That should be helpful.

Likes Least

Once BMC bought the program they changed and outsourced the Tech Support. Before BMC the Tech Support was 11 out of 10 Stars. Support now is why I only ranked this a 7.


Determine what you need the software to do. Do you need it to run your Help Desk? Do you need it to do inventory? Do you need to track purchasing? Do you need to keep track of software licenses? Do you want something straight out of the box or are you willing to spend the money to go to training to configure?

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