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ScheduFlow by Duoserve is a Field Service solution that features integrated applications for contact management and scheduling & dispatch. It helps users easily create, view, and edit schedules in real time; the system seamlessly facilitates the management of people, places, or even assets like cars or trucks. Conveniently, ScheduFlow is accessible from a myriad of devices, including iOS, Android, Windows mobile, and PCs.

ScheduFlow features data entry forms that are highly responsive and native to Windows; right click menus and ribbon toolbars contribute to a modern feel. The system allows administrators to set privileges at a user level; this, combined with the comfort of SSL-encrypted data, means companies shouldn’t have to worry about security threats.

We like ScheduFlow’s carousel card view – this allows users to view schedules in 3D, making it easy to review scheduled appointments individually. One-time and recurring appointments and customizable time scales are other highly useful features of the system, while flexible automatic reminders will keep users highly organized and decrease no-shows.

Users of ScheduFlow report that the intuitive interface, simple navigation, and ample features are all reasons to love the system; we recommend it to companies looking to become more organized by coordinating internal schedules. Since ScheduFlow deploys as a desktop app, it is quick to install, effortless to upgrade, and companies aren’t forced to deal with inconvenient maintenance costs or server installations.


ScheduFlow - Main screen
  • ScheduFlow - Main screen
    Main screen
  • ScheduFlow - Edit appointments
    Edit appointments
  • ScheduFlow - Appointments list
    Appointments list
  • ScheduFlow - Carousel view
    Carousel view
  • ScheduFlow - Client records
    Client records
  • ScheduFlow - Client table view
    Client table view
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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