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TrackTik is field service management system specifically designed for security guard management. It enables users to monitor, report and manage security operations, including guard patrols and incident reports. It collects, stores, and organizes all the data gathered from the various functions so that further analysis can be executed.

The home screen for TrackTik is its live dashboard. This is essentially a virtual command center from which users can manage reports, view checkpoint scans, and see incidents as they happen in real-time. Additionally, the dashboard provides users with an aerial view of their guard’s location.

For managing and recording guard locations while on the job, TrackTik places tokens around the property or area they are tasked with securing. Guards can then check-in at these locations by scanning the tokens with a corresponding device. These tokens can store messages and prompt guards to complete a specific scan or fill out a field report.

TrackTik is a SaaS-based system. It works on any Web browser and also offers an Android-based app. It was founded in 2010 and is offered worldwide.


TrackTik - Dashboard
  • TrackTik - Dashboard
  • TrackTik - Guard scheduling
    Guard scheduling
  • TrackTik - Guard tour
    Guard tour
  • TrackTik - Incident reporting
    Incident reporting
  • TrackTik - Trend analytics
    Trend analytics
  • TrackTik - Visitor and resident management
    Visitor and resident management
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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