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With more than 30 years in the hospitality business, Execu/Tech excels in offering complete and full-featured property management suites that integrate with each other seamlessly. From online reservations, to front desk management, retail point-of-sale, and marketing capabilities, this system provides a platform that can easily meet the needs of all parts of managing a small to mid-sized hotel.

Reservations can be created easily, and as each guest is added, Execu/Suite will create a profile so that all necessary contact information can be accessed by hotel staff as needed. This profile includes the guest name, address, phone number, and any notable dining preferences. The system also smartly manages room assignments based on overall room usage, so that hotels can be sure they’re using their resources effectively.

With Execu/Suite Connect, hotels can easily maintain communication with past guests, helping to boost customer loyalty and return visits. This system can use email communication to allow guests to automatically confirm any reservations, elaborate on any additional amenities before guest arrival, broadcast relevant promotions, and send out guest surveys to receive vital feedback. These events can be scheduled and automatically triggered, reducing marketing maintenance overall.

We like that the system is fully customizable, and can be adapted to meet the needs of each client. Execu/Suite is offered as both an on-premise and web-based system, and can be accessed from most devices with an Internet connection. We recommend Execu/Suite to large and small independent hotels and hotel groups of all types, including bed and breakfasts, hostels, inns, resorts, and more.


Execu/Suite Hotel Property Management - Guest Profile
  • Execu/Suite Hotel Property Management - Guest Profile
    Guest Profile
  • Execu/Suite Hotel Property Management - Reservation Screen
    Reservation Screen
  • Execu/Suite Hotel Property Management - Tape Chart Room Inventory
    Tape Chart Room Inventory
  • Execu/Suite Hotel Property Management - Catering and Event Scheduling
    Catering and Event Scheduling
  • Execu/Suite Hotel Property Management - Graphical Room View
    Graphical Room View
  • Execu/Suite Hotel Property Management - Activities Scheduling Calendar
    Activities Scheduling Calendar
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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