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DevSKiller is a cloud-based human resources (HR) solution specializing in helping businesses hire programmers. This software lets users test applicants on programming skills and knowledge of programming languages.

With DevSKiller, users can create custom tests using their own code base or choose from a library of preset exams. Programming tasks, code review challenges and multiple-choice tests are all available. Users send applicants email invitations to take part in these exams, and candidates can take the exams online at any time.

DevSKiller’s testing system is meant to simulate the type of work candidates would be doing in the positions they are applying for. Exams are designed to be open-book, so candidates use any resources available to them to complete the assignments. Tests are downloadable and can be worked on offline.

DevSKiller automatically scores multiple-choice tests, programming tasks and checks the quality of code. Users can review code code challenges personally or let DevSKiller’s experts review it for them. After assessing candidates’ qualifications, users invite candidates for interviews directly in DevSKiller.

DevSKiller is priced on a per user per month basis. This solution is offered worldwide and has been around since 2013.


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