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Primalogik 360 is a web-based performance reviews solution for human resources (HR) professionals. It combines three talent management modules into one integrated platform: performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback and opinion surveys.

Primalogik 360 is geared towards small to mid-sized companies in almost any vertical, including accounting firms, construction firms, and non-profit organizations. Users can also access the program with any web browser, Mac or PC, and on iPads. Primalogik helps users evaluate employee performance by gathering anonymous feedback from everyone from peers to upper management. It also allows users to organize feedback for each employee with three steps: employee self-review, review from a manager, and then those results are shared.

Primalogik offers automatic reminders, so that every employee is notified to submit their feedback on time. It also includes customizable questionnaires, so employers can ask the most relevant and important questions to their teams. The platform supports English, French and Spanish for those companies with distributed locations. Primalogik is priced based on the number of users accessing the system, and a free trial is also available.



Primalogik 360 - Appraisal and survey management
  • Primalogik 360 - Appraisal and survey management
    Appraisal and survey management
  • Primalogik 360 - Custom questionnaires
    Custom questionnaires
  • Primalogik 360 - Customization
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Johanna from Jalisco Taqueria and Pink Elephant Bakiers
Specialty: Food / Beverage
Number of employees: 51-200 employees Employees number: 51-200 employees

October 2016

October 2016

User Friendly with Excellent Customer Service Support



Product Quality

Customer Support

I had a very hard time (about 2 years off and on) finding a software that would give me everything I need for tracking and managing employees in the restaurant and bakery industry. Somewhere along my off and on again search I came across Software Advice who provided 3 different companies and ended up getting Primalogik. I've been using them for about one month give or take for several businesses and so far it works great!


1. Mulit-manager input for all employees - I don't have to assign a cashier to one manager. Being in the restaurant industry managers work with almost all cashiers and therefore need to be able to add notes to everyone and not just the cashier they are assigned to.
2. The price is reasonable compared to all the other companies out there.
3. Its simple and direct, gets right to the point and is super user friendly.
4. It summarizes all mgmt evaluations into one final evaluation for the employee.
5. I can use it on my cell, laptop, computer - great for on site staff as most of them use it on their cell phones.
6. Have the options to turn everything into spanish.
7. Customer support is great! They really work with you to give you what you need and if they don't have it they find a way to try and implement it.
8. Free trial to test it out.


1. I had to put all my upper mgmt team with the HR privilege in order for them to have access to all staff and be able to write in each file which works great but having all upper mgmt with HR privilege allows upper mgmt to go into other mangers files which can cause major problems. Currently we are looking for solutions and are leaning towards opening up another account just for upper mgmt without the HR privilege.
2. Journal entries don't have set categories where employees can simple click on a category such as Late, No call no show, bad conduct, etc. However, they are already working on that which goes back to one of my PROS - this company really listens to you input/needs and try to find a solution.

Advice to Others

Do the free trial and get all your questions out of the way to see if it works for your companies structure. The trial was a great way to be able to see how it works on all levels.

  Response: Anibal, Primalogik Software Solutions Inc.

Date: December 2016

December 2016


Thank you Johanna for your kind review. We really spend quite a bit of energy in the design of the application so that it's useful, user friendly and extremely effective and powerful. Your direct feedback, in particular with the Employee Journal module, has been invaluable and we truly appreciate your ongoing support with your restaurants.

With respect to the HR issue that you mentioned, we're actually doing an upgrade soon (hopefully this next weekend) that will allow you to use the system without having to create another organization! The fix will allow managers to have multiple people with the HR privilege while maintaining the access restrictions to the other HR personnel files.

And, as you know, the functionality to add tagging (and categories) to the Employee Journals is something that's high on our list of priorities and should be addressed in a future version of the platform.

Thanks again for your continued support.



Joseph from Your Natural Edge Success Coaching Inc
Specialty: Consulting

September 2015

September 2015

simple and effective and I recommend it to any



Product Quality

Customer Support
Likes Best

I was an early adopter and even then found the product robust and the customer support fast, simple and personal. I like simple and no extra bells and whistles. I found that Primalogik could let me keep it simple or I could fancy it up if my client wanted that. Nice

Likes Least

There's not much that I don't like.


just try it, on yourself if you have to. And notice the functionality fit with what you are trying to do, not the bling that some supposedly similar products promise

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