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Primalogik 360 is a web-based performance reviews solution for human resources (HR) professionals. It combines three talent management modules into one integrated platform: performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback and opinion surveys.

Primalogik 360 is geared towards small to mid-sized companies in almost any vertical, including accounting firms, construction firms, and non-profit organizations. Users can also access the program with any web browser, Mac or PC, and on iPads. Primalogik helps users evaluate employee performance by gathering anonymous feedback from everyone from peers to upper management. It also allows users to organize feedback for each employee with three steps: employee self-review, review from a manager, and then those results are shared.

Primalogik offers automatic reminders, so that every employee is notified to submit their feedback on time. It also includes customizable questionnaires, so employers can ask the most relevant and important questions to their teams. The platform supports English, French and Spanish for those companies with distributed locations. Primalogik is priced based on the number of users accessing the system, and a free trial is also available.



Primalogik 360 - Appraisal and survey management
  • Primalogik 360 - Appraisal and survey management
    Appraisal and survey management
  • Primalogik 360 - Custom questionnaires
    Custom questionnaires
  • Primalogik 360 - Customization
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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from Your Natural Edge Success Coaching Inc
Specialty: Consulting
Number of employees: 1-50 Employees Employees number: 1-50 Employees

simple and effective and I recommend it to any



Product Quality

Product Quality


Likes Best

I was an early adopter and even then found the product robust and the customer support fast, simple and personal. I like simple and no extra bells and whistles. I found that Primalogik could let me keep it simple or I could fancy it up if my client wanted that. Nice

Likes Least

There's not much that I don't like.


just try it, on yourself if you have to. And notice the functionality fit with what you are trying to do, not the bling that some supposedly similar products promise

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