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TimeForge is an affordable, easy-to-use labor management and core HR solution that streamlines scheduling, attendance, absence management, employee scheduling, sales and labor reporting, HR certification and document tracking, and payroll processing within one system.

TimeForge was designed to keep managers on the restaurant or sales room floor instead of bogged down in paperwork. The system is web-based, helping users move away from spreadsheets, emails, notepads, and other bulky manual tools that slow down the scheduling process. TimeForge's proprietary AutoScheduler is a unique feature that can forecast and create a complete schedule in minutes, which can then be emailed or texted to the staff. The attendance module tracks clock-in and -out times through a user-friendly, web-based interface. With fingerprint scanners and time clocks, managers can enforce schedules and easily track time and attendance remotely. The core Human Resources module provides one-click hire and fire functionality, as well as managing on-boarding documents, certifications, staff reviews, and PTO. Each of these modules includes a complete web API, allowing for a seamless integration into the existing point-of-sale or property management systems of users.

We really like the Daily Log, which allows the front and back-end staff to leave shift notes, upload menu updates, and track business trends or challenges. We also appreciate how TimeForge builds many features based on the suggestions of their customers.

We recommend TimeForge to any size business in the retail, food service, or hospitality industries. This comprehensive suite of applications helps control labor costs, while also improving staff communication and job satisfaction and reducing turnover.


TimeForge - ApplicantForge Dashboard
  • TimeForge - ApplicantForge Dashboard
    ApplicantForge Dashboard
  • TimeForge - ApplicantForge Onboarding Plan
    ApplicantForge Onboarding Plan
  • TimeForge - TimeForge - Build Schedule
    TimeForge - Build Schedule
  • TimeForge - TimeForge - Employees
    TimeForge - Employees
  • TimeForge - TimeForge - Reports
    TimeForge - Reports
  • TimeForge - TimeForge - Schedule
    TimeForge - Schedule
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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