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Netsmart serves more than 130 Local Public Health organizations across the US, and Insight by Netsmart Technologies combines public health-specific expertise with Netsmart's exceptional support to offer a fully integrated practice management and ARRA-Certified EHR solution developed to address the unique needs of local health departments.

With its Windows-based architecture, Insight offers health departments an intuitive solution that is easy to learn and train. Perfect for organizations and local health departments of all sizes, Insight supports a number of various health programs including case management, family and child health services, immunizations, communicable diseases and much more.

Insight offers a Complete Ambulatory ARRA-certifed EHR, a necessity for local health departments seeking to qualify for the significant incentives available for Meaningful Use. Insight streamlines and improves patient care and reduces administrative overhead specifically because it was designed to meet the requirements of local health departments, offering a user-friendly workflow as well as optional e-prescribing, a patient Web portal and health information exchange (HIE) integration.

Insight's powerful practice management functionality offers a unified approach to patient and other critical data collection and reporting. The Patient Registration module offers a centralized location to access all patient information, from demographics to financials to insurance to consents and disclosures. Appointment scheduling and encounter processing are likewise unified and intuitive.

Insight also provides inventory management, time and expense tracking and chart tracking for those health departments using paper charts, critical for programs to remain compliant with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

For local health departments seeking to effectively manage their programs, Insight by Netsmart Technologies is a collaborative, highly specialized solution.


Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, AIX, Unix, Windows 2000

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Curtis from Washoe County Health District
Specialty: Other specialty

July 2015

July 2015

An evolving product in a niche market



Product Quality

Customer Support

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The support for this product is good and the application is generally accepted as easy to use.

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The customization ability is a little limited. Some of the company reorganization caused gaps in continuity and confusion. The public health portion of this software (Insight) appears only a second priority to the other mental health suite of software.


Analyze the backend configuration, learn about the development language the UI was created with and understand your needs in comparison to the capacity of the software to identify gaps.