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Recognizing the unique needs of behavioral healthcare organizations and substance abuse centers, Streamline Healthcare Solutions created SmartCare, an integrated, complete solution for businesses looking for enterprise-wide records, billing and scheduling software. SmartCare is a browser-based, dashboard-driven platform that helps everyone in the organization: doctors, nurses, clinicians and administrative staff stay on top of both clinical and financial processes.

The SmartCare platform is made up of four different features. SmartCarePM is a robust system to handle daily operations like scheduling, billing, registration and program management. SmartCareEHR helps clinicians manage thier documentation and caseloads and is fully integrated with SmartCarePM. SmartCareRX is a feature available for doctors and nurses to order and manage a patient's medications.

SmartCareMCO, created specifically for managed care organizations, tracks client information and eligibility, pay claims and authorize services. It also has a portal available for external providers to request those authorizations and submit claims for payment.

All of these features come with a built-in messaging system that lets users communicate with each other in a HIPAA compliant secure space. They also all share a common database with real-time reporting capability that runs on Microsoft SQL Server.

We really like the top down, customizable dashboard that is present in all the features. Streamline designed this dashboard to increase productivity, organize workload and streamline workflow and it's great for letting users know about tasks that need their attention.

Behavioral health organizations looking for an enterprise-wide solution should take a look at SmartCare.


SmartCare by Streamline - Clinician's Dashboard
  • SmartCare by Streamline - Clinician's Dashboard
    Clinician's Dashboard
  • SmartCare by Streamline - Financial Dashboard
    Financial Dashboard
  • SmartCare by Streamline - Clinician’s Calendar
    Clinician’s Calendar
  • SmartCare by Streamline - Medication Tracking
    Medication Tracking
  • SmartCare by Streamline - Reception Screens Include Dynamic Alerts
    Reception Screens Include Dynamic Alerts
  • SmartCare by Streamline - Tracking Vitals
    Tracking Vitals
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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Jason from St. Joseph County CMHSAS

June 2011

Date: June 2011