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Causeview is a web-based Nonprofit platform developed by Breakeven, Inc. that offers an integrated suite of applications to automate daily operations, including Fundraising, Donor, Event and Volunteer Management, as well as the ability to manage Memberships and Grants.  This Mac and iPad compatible solution is a great fit for many types of Nonprofits, including Philanthropic Foundations, Private Schools, National Organizations, Faith-Based Ministries, and more.

Causeview makes it easy to manage online donations, automatically generate IRS and CRA compliant tax receipts, and report with accuracy with just a few keystrokes. Users once frustrated by managing records in spreadsheets will find that they can spend more time on meaningful and productive endeavors. The application is built on, so it requires little configuration while still offering many customization options. 

We really like Causeview Events, a native iOS mobile app. It helps volunteers easily check attendees in to fundraising events. Tickets can be scanned directly from mobile devices and it takes just single swipe to check in via iPhone or iPad. A real-time dashboard reports attendance totals and ticket sales; donor profiles can be updated on the fly. Causeview Events can work on multiple devices, online or offline – the system will sync everything automatically once an Internet connection is reestablished.  

Users have reported that Causeview reduces administrative work, which allows them to spend more time serving their beneficiaries and seeking donations. We recommend it to many organizations with three or more users. It’s an especially great fit for organizations that are already using Salesforce to manage their records.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Kar from AES
Specialty: Corporations

February 2015

February 2015

Review of Causeview



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Customer Support

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Very user-friendly. I would recommend using it with a lot of people.

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The language capability could be better. It doesnt support all available languages.


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