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ConceptDraw Project is a project management solution designed for project managers in small to midsize businesses. Key features include live dashboards with task tracking, project diagrams via Gantt charts and Pert charts and a variety of reports for project planning, monitoring resources and usage as well as detailing budget and costs.

Managers can use the tool for project planning (i.e., defining objectives, dividing project into phases, setting milestones and assigning resources) as well as resource management and scheduling. Users can comment on projects, link documentation to tasks, phases and resources, and can import/export data as needed with Excel.

ConceptDraw is available worldwide on Windows and Mac operating systems. The product is priced per user license, with discounts available for purchases of five or more licenses. Users have access to an online help desk and phone support as well as an initial product set-up orientation at no extra charge.


ConceptDraw Project - Multiproject dashboard
  • ConceptDraw Project - Multiproject dashboard
    Multiproject dashboard
  • ConceptDraw Project - Create presentation
    Create presentation
  • ConceptDraw Project - Capture slides
    Capture slides
  • ConceptDraw Project - Gantt chart
    Gantt chart
  • ConceptDraw Project - New project group
    New project group
  • ConceptDraw Project - Resources
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Mac OS, Windows 8

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