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COMCASH ERP is a complete retail management system ideally suited for mulit-channel and multi-location retailers. The software is cloud-based, allowing access to the administrative functions from anywhere on any device.

The Point of Sale module fully utilizes the cutting-edge multi-touch capabilities available in today's market, allowing users to navigate the menu similarly to the iPad. But unlike the iPad, the COMCASH POS module can support all necessary hardware peripherals, including attached printers, scanners, payment terminals, and scales. The POS is connected to the cloud in real-time but also offers the option of running locally in case the Internet connection is lost.

The inventory management in this system is very powerful, offering users multiple units of measure to track for each product in each stock location. The customer handling allows retailers to collect some basic information right at the point of sale for quick registration, then emails the buyer a link so that they can navigate to the store's e-commerce site to complete their profile. They can then view their purchase history for online and offline sales and it's a natural way to introduce store customers to the website. Outbound email marketing is also in the works and should be available by Q1 2014. COMCASH ERP includes multi-entity accounting so as retailers grow and add new businesses, COMCASH can scale to support that growth.

COMCASH has been a trusted supplier to the retail industry since 1997. The company serves a customer base of more than 2,000 retailers and restaurants. With this successful transition to the latest cloud technology, we recommend this system to any retailer seeking a cutting-edge retail management system.


COMCASH Retail ERP - POS Home Screen
  • COMCASH Retail ERP - POS Home Screen
    POS Home Screen
  • COMCASH Retail ERP - Web Store
    Web Store
  • COMCASH Retail ERP - Administration Site
    Administration Site
  • COMCASH Retail ERP - POS Touch Menu
    POS Touch Menu
  • COMCASH Retail ERP - POS Item Screen
    POS Item Screen
  • COMCASH Retail ERP - Warehouse Scanner App
    Warehouse Scanner App
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8, Windows 7, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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from Fabio's Menswear
Specialty: Apparel & fashion
Size of portfolio: Single user Portfolio size: Single user

Excellent. Very User Friendly.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

The thing I love about this product is the simplicity and ease of use. It allows me to easily access my store from anywhere to check on my inventory, sales, or employees' activities. The service at COMCASH surpassed my expectations without skipping a beat. They customized the software to work for me, not the other way around. They were able to taper the software to meet my needs.

Likes Least

Absolutely nothing. I don't have anything bad to say about the product or vendor.


I would recommend to stop evaluating and go with COMCASH. You will not regret it.

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