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NetSuite Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite is a superior software suite for retailers in all industries. Because this system is web-based, IT can focus its current resources on innovation and helping business grow, rather than spending most of its time on system maintenance.

Users will no longer need to manage separate retail applications, as this management suite combines inventory management, sales processing, order fulfilment , e-commerce, and accounting for multi-channel retail companies. We particularly believe the accounting and financial applications in this retail ERP to be best-in-class, thanks to its in-depth and simple customizability. The inventory management and PO features are also very robust.

The user-defined dashboards in this application are some of the best we have seen among retail management suites. Sales managers, inventory managers, executives, and financial offers all have their own dashboards to analyze their data quickly in a digestible format. And thanks to data that updates in real-time, users can be assured their information is as accurate as possible.

We currently recommend this system for mid-sized to nationwide businesses in all retail industries. NetSuite Retail Management Suite can be integrated with industry-leading POS solutions. And since the software is hosted by NetSuite, the system can be accessed via a web-browser on any computer with an Internet connection.


NetSuite - NetSuite Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite
  • NetSuite - NetSuite Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite
    NetSuite Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite
  • NetSuite - Ecommerce Manager Dashboard
    Ecommerce Manager Dashboard
  • NetSuite - Sales Manager Dashboard
    Sales Manager Dashboard
  • NetSuite - Inventory Manager Dashboard
    Inventory Manager Dashboard
  • NetSuite - Senior Executive Dashboard
    Senior Executive Dashboard
  • NetSuite - CFO/Controller Dashboard
    CFO/Controller Dashboard
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS

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from Patriot Outfitters
Specialty: Other specialty retailer
Size of portfolio: 51 to 100 users Portfolio size: 51 to 100 users

NetSuite e-Comm and POS


NetSuite is more intuitive than some systems; however, there are things that are unique to NetSuite's software that cannot be learned without instruction.


Most of our needs are in NetSuite, but there are some processes we enhanced outside of the system because it was more efficient than the native functionality.

Product Quality

The core system is excellent. I'd give it a higher score if the POS system was in better shape.

Customer Support

Technical support is good overall, but it is slow at times. As a small company, we're used to getting things fixed more quickly.

Likes Best

We chose NetSuite because of the strength of the core system and the integration with POS and e-Commerce.

Likes Least

The area of the product that is the least integrated and in most need of improvement is the POS. NetSuite is making progress on fixing the issues.


Make a good list of your mission critical processes and procedures so you can test the system to be sure it can perform all the tasks you need.

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