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Showing 1 - 20 of 40 products

DaySmart Pet

This easy-to-learn software is perfect for any size grooming salon, day care, mobile groomer or training business! DaySmart Pet will save you time with online appointment management, automated text notifications, vaccination tra...Read more about DaySmart Pet


Groomsoft is a cloud-based software designed to help pet grooming businesses manage operations related to bookings, reservations, payments, billing and more. The platform enables organizations to create recurring appointments and ...Read more about Groomsoft

4.83 (30 reviews)

QiDZ Booking Platform

QiDZ Booking Platform is a reservation and event booking solution that helps education and entertainment businesses with scheduling, booking, and accepting payment for events and activities. The software is web-based. The main fea...Read more about QiDZ Booking Platform

5.00 (2 reviews)

Kennel Link

Kennel Link is a cloud-based kennel management software designed to help dog boarding, grooming and daycare facilities streamline processes related to online reservations, payment processing, barcode scanning and more. The DropBox...Read more about Kennel Link

4.70 (56 reviews)


PetLinx is a kennel management software that helps businesses streamline processes related to invoice generation, service scheduling, boarding bookings, and customer credit tracking, among other operations. The record-keeping modu...Read more about PetLinx is a cloud-based scheduling solution designed for service businesses in multiple industries. It provides a booking site so that users can accept online bookings, collect client feedback to optimize revenue and servic...Read more about


BookSteam is an online appointment scheduling solution. It offers business and customer-facing functionality so that customers/clients can schedule appointments online, while businesses can manage these appointments on the backend...Read more about BookSteam

4.63 (80 reviews)

Easy Busy Pets

Easy Busy Pets is a business management solution for pet groomers, dog walkers, kennels, pet training centers, and other pet care related businesses. The platform offers features for managing clients, invoices, leads, memberships,...Read more about Easy Busy Pets

4.59 (37 reviews)


DoTimely is a cloud-based appointment scheduling application designed to help pet grooming, dog walking, plumbing, HVAC and roofing professionals manage online bookings, payment processing, customer details and more on a unified p...Read more about DoTimely

4.69 (84 reviews)

Paw Partner

Paw Partner is a cloud-based pet management software that helps pet boardings, daycares, and grooming and training centers manage appointments, bookings, payments and more via a centralized portal. The dashboard enables administra...Read more about Paw Partner

4.87 (30 reviews)


MoeGo is a cloud-based pet grooming solution designed to help pet salons and groomers handle client appointments, communications and service agreements on a centralized dashboard. It provides a scheduling assistant, which lets bus...Read more about MoeGo

Learn More


Salonist is a cloud-based pet grooming solution that helps grooming salon owners manage day-to-day business operations. Key features offered by Salonist include staff management, appointment scheduling and client records managemen...Read more about Salonist

4.65 (17 reviews)


PetManager is a Windows-based pet salon management solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to appointment booking, inventory tracking, payment processing, staff management and more on a centralized platform. I...Read more about PetManager

No reviews yet


Walkles is pet care and dog walking solution that helps pet sitters, groomers and trainers streamline processes related to scheduling, invoicing, client history tracking and expense monitoring, among other operations. Administrato...Read more about Walkles

No reviews yet

GroomPro POS

GroomPro POS is a pet grooming solution that helps businesses manage bookings, generate invoices, track customer history and create revenue projections, among other processes. The appointment management module provides a built-in ...Read more about GroomPro POS

4.83 (6 reviews)


Avalon is an on-premise solution that helps dogs and pet grooming salons manage bookings, payments, inventories, commission rates and more. The search functionality enables users to browse through client or appointment details by ...Read more about Avalon

No reviews yet

Envision Paws

Envision Paws is a cloud-based pet grooming solution designed to help businesses streamline processes related to appointment scheduling, online booking, inventory management, customer communications and more. Professionals can gai...Read more about Envision Paws

No reviews yet


Groomy is a cloud-based pet grooming software designed to help small businesses manage appointments, client information, pet profiles and more on a centralized platform. Managers can send reminders to inform customers about upcomi...Read more about Groomy

4.00 (1 reviews)

Barkley HQ

Barkley HQ is an all-in-one software and management system that makes running a pet grooming easy. Built to meet the unique needs of the grooming industry, Barkley HQ is easy to use, efficient, and reliable. It has all of the feat...Read more about Barkley HQ

4.00 (3 reviews)


Petbeing is a cloud-based online booking and business management software designed to help the pet service industry manage prices, clients, records, booking history, staff and more. The platform lets businesses run online offers a...Read more about Petbeing

5.00 (1 reviews)

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 14, 2021

Pet grooming is a competitive industry. But you can make your pet grooming business stand out by offering exceptional customer service. Offering the best service to pet owners requires you to keep detailed records of clients and their pets so that your staff has every client’s unique needs on their fingertips.

To make the job easier for your staff, you can invest in pet grooming software. The system comes with capabilities that help automate various routine operations of a pet grooming salon and save the time to focus on more customer service.

But buying the right pet grooming software can be a time-consuming task, given there are hundreds of products on the market. This buyers guide will get you started on understanding the features and benefits of a pet grooming tool.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is pet grooming software?

Pet grooming software helps pet grooming companies manage their clients (and their pets) and staff. The tool allows pet groomers to manage operations such as grooming appointments, calculating salaries and commission for staff, daily sales, and tracking inventory of pet grooming products and other consumables.

Appointment scheduling in Pawfinity (Source)

Common features of pet grooming software

Businesses should carefully evaluate the features of pet grooming software to avoid buying the wrong product. Below are some of the common features offered by most pet grooming tools.

Appointment scheduling Schedule grooming appointments and track them on a digital calendar. Set up recurring appointments and send alerts to clients, via email or SMS, reminding them of upcoming visits.
Client management Create a centralized repository of client and pet information, including details such as pet owner contact info and pet profile notes (behavior, hair texture, skin conditions, etc.).
Inventory management Monitor the stock of pet grooming materials and office consumables and understand future needs by analyzing reports.
Commission management Automate the calculation of commission (per pet/per service) to your staff by entering rates in a built-in calculator.
Staff management Access detailed reports on your staff’s performance (clocked hours, attendance, etc.) and manage their payroll.

What type of buyer are you?

Below are descriptions of two buyer groups, which will help you make the right software choice.

  • Small and midsize businesses: As the proprietor of a small or midsize pet grooming salon, you are likely to have fewer staff and clients to manage. For your business, a tool with the basic features (mentioned above) is sufficient. You might want to start with something more affordable, such as a cloud-based tool with low monthly subscription fee, and then think about investing in more expensive and sophisticated solutions.
  • Large businesses: As a large pet business owner, you will have many clients and a large staff, alongside complex business requirements. You are likely to need more than just the common features and might want to explore tools with extra capabilities such as payment processing and a mobile app. You might also want the tool to offer integration with customer relationship management (CRM) software to ensure seamless data exchange for deeper client analysis.

Benefits of pet grooming software

Listed below are some of the most notable benefits of pet grooming software.

  • Understand your customer needs: Pet grooming software allows you to create detailed records of your clients and their pets, which helps in understanding client preferences and pet issues closely. This information is stored in a centralized database that is easily accessible from multiple devices, allowing your staff to quickly read-up on a client before an appointment and serve them better. Further, you can use the data to segment customers into relevant categories to offer customized and specific services.
  • Reduce administrative burden: Pet grooming software automates many of the manual tasks such as online booking of appointments, setting up automated appointment reminders, etc. Additionally, it frees you from time-consuming paperwork for managing the payroll and commissions for your staff.

Key considerations when selecting pet grooming software

Buying the right software for your business must be preceded by a careful analysis of your needs as a business. Below are two considerations to have in mind.

  • Do you offer mobile grooming services? If you’re one of those pet professionals that offer services wherein your staff travels offering door-to-door service, then you need software that offers functions such as GPS tracking, payment processing, invoices handling, and job timers. You need to check whether your preferred vendor offers these functions built-in or via integration with other tools.
  • Do you understand the total cost of the software? The cost of pet grooming software can differ on factors such as its deployment (cloud-based or on-premise) and additional charges. While the cost of deployment could be either monthly subscription or one-time licensing, there are various other charges a vendor might not mention in fine print; such charges could include priority phone support fee, data migration costs, software onboarding fee, etc. You need to clarify all of this with the vendor during the software demo.

Note: The application selected in this article is an example to show a feature in context and isn’t intended as an endorsement or a recommendation. It has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.