eTollFree Predictive Dialer is an integrated cloud-based call center solution for businesses of all sizes. It works as both outbound and inbound call center software with interactive voice response built in.

The customizable campaign management feature allows businesses to call all phone numbers available for each lead. eTollFree allows agents to view details for calls in a queue. They can then select calls to take from their agent screen. It allows supervisors to monitor the progress of ongoing campaigns and measures key performance indicators for active campaigns or agents.

eTollFree's automatic call distribution system distributes unique contacts to multiple agents to avoid call repetitions. The real-time reporting system of eTollFree enables agents, managers and team leaders to analyze call campaign performance.

Users can set up answering machine detection, send calls to voicemail, provide custom greetings or drop calls. It has a time-clock application to track user work time.

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