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Facil-IT from Intelligent Data Systems is a maintenance management solution designed for third-party facility management service providers. The system is cloud-based and offers core maintenance functionality, such as asset, inventory and work order management, as well as preventive and predictive maintenance.

Work orders can be automatically updated depending on user-defined triggers. The system can also integrate with Service Channel to automate work orders, syncing service priorities, dates and other information.

Another key function is tracking clients, locations and vendors. Facil-IT can store important information like notes and photos and can display locations with Google Maps.

Users can create and schedule alerts and reminders to email to vendors before important dates. It also includes preventive maintenance functionality to schedule service in a calendar-based interface.

Pricing is subscription-based depending on the number of work order plus a one-time setup fee. Support is provided via phone and email.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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