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RAAS is a premier aviation management system software solution that will significantly enhance your aviation maintenance management business and workflow process. Enjoy the benefits of a widely accessible and easy-to-use maintenance support and inventory management system. Control costs by improving maintenance procedure efficiency, reducing held inventory, providing proof of quality for inspection escalations, and directly reducing clerical manpower requirements. RAAS was designed to achieve enhanced functionality through modern software development tools and browser-based technologies. The result is advanced utility through high levels of integration, easy-to-use user interfaces, and many automated reporting and data analysis features. ...

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RAAS User Reviews


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Porter Airlines Inc.

Verified reviewer

Time used: Free Trial

Review Source: Capterra



Customer support


Reviewed August 2015

We prefer RAAS to all other planning software available and you will too!

"As a maintenance planner and technical records administrator at Porter Airlines, I use many facets of the RAAS (Remote Access Aviation System) every single day. It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. It organizes everything that you need to perform and maintain your operation in an efficient and easy to understand way. From a Stores function, the system organizes all of the components in your inventory (both on the shelf, out for repair or currently on-wing) while tracking and monitoring the vendors that you have or continue to use. While I was a Stores clerk, I found those specific functions very easy to use. From a Planning/Records standpoint, the many drop down menus make finding specific functions and components very quick and pain-free. Again, the format and accessibility of the system makes planning and compiling work packages simpler than some other systems. The tracking functions ( for both components and inspections), which we use quite heavily, are very accurate and complete. The support staff at AIS are always available to answer any technical questions you might encounter and solutions are never far behind. The system is regularly updated and feed back from clients is always welcome. We prefer RAAS to all other planning software available and you will too!"


North STar Air

Verified reviewer

Company size: 201-500 employees

Industry: Airlines/Aviation

Time used: More than 2 years

Review Source: Capterra



Value for money


Customer support




Reviewed August 2021

RAAS for first time buyers

Overall experience with RAAS has always been an exceptional, I would recommend any one to move to this system.


This software is extremely easy to use. The learning curve to train someone in a specific department for intended use does not take years, it takes only a few weeks and as time goes on the users become experts in a very low amount of time.


The software reporting for accounting needs to get better. Reports that are listed in drop down boxes are not always functional, the biggest complaint about this software is that it is updated weekly, I have used other software systems that only update bi-annually. The weekly update for a software that has been around this long is a bit to much. There is no list of items for customers that have found something wrong with the system that other users can look at to see if there is actually a fix going into the system for it or not.

Reasons for choosing RAAS

My previous experience with RAAS was the motivation to go back to a system that I trusted. They also facilitated the transition and did the technical records for me while I was dealing with other issues. That gave me the time I needed and then I transitioned tech records internally.

Reasons for switching to RAAS

The sales pitch that CAMP is a one stop shop for tech records, stores and maintenance planning is a bit of a stretch. I had to constantly threaten the admin staff to do what I asked as I am the PRM so just to do it. I also had to QC the work far to often and found that some of the repeat tasks or deferrals that were to stay open were inadvertently closed and not completed which induced an airworthiness issue into the airline.