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Qapla' is a SaaS-based shipment tracking solution that simplifies the management of all shipments for eCommerce operations. By connecting with different marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, Qapla' can monitoring all shipments across 150+ couriers in one integrated platform. Qapla' allows users to develop custom communication templates for follow-up emails that inform customers of the status of their shipment. For post-shipment marketing, Qapla' can send marketing emails that contain information on business offers, banners, suggested products, and so on. To enhance customer care, Qapla provides customers with accurate and automatic delivery information. Within each order, users can easily view and resolve customer tickets. Users can also create and print unlim...

Qapla' Pricing

Our pricing plan is based on a monthly flat fee including 400 tracked shipments and a variable amount depending on the shipments surplus. Our "Try and Buy" formula lets you use the platform for 30 days after registration and pay only at the end of the trial. There are 5 available plans, differing in included features: - "Guardian": Tracking - "Pioneer": Tracking + Marketing - "Rising Star": Tracking + Labels - "Genius": Tracking + Marketing + Labels - "Enterprise": tailored on your needs

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€39.00 per month

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