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MediSked Connect, an agency management solution offers a variety of solutions for home and community-based services (HCBS) providers. This cloud-based software allows administrators to control employee access to protected health information (PHI), meaning staff is only able to view and manage the information necessary to carry out their jobs. Clinicians can use this system to record patient progress notes and manage medication administration. This can be done by creating medication lists, tracking allergies or adverse reactions, making immunization administration lists, performing eligibility checks for patient prescriptions and more. A "collaborative messaging" application offers digital discussion groups for multiple users to share pertinent agency informati...

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March 2016

The support is amazing - the product is not flexible enough to meet our needs.

In so many ways, this system shows such promise! The support is amazing - always friendly, always available, hard-working - but consists mostly of super-friendly staff showing us how to bend our needs to meet the way the software is written. Support staff is creative about finding "workarounds," but what is really needed is for them to have to ability to make changes that would better provide us with what we need to run our business. We have gone back to paper-based documentation in areas that MediSked should be able to find solutions for. Scheduling is cumbersome and we are not able to use the staff check-in check-out features. Our biggest problem is that MediSked will not keep all of the documentation related to billing claims together and not subject to change after billing. To MediSked's credit, we were offered several solutions to this problem, but not one that would keep all of the documentation together and not subject to change immediately after billing. Auditing/approving billing claims and staff time could be great with a few simple changes - instead, it is time-consuming and frustrating. The system provides a double approval process for billing claims, but not for corresponding staff times - staff time goes directly to the payroll module (which does not include a single, simple, exportable report we can use for payroll purposes). I could go on.... With lots of simple software changes and one 'foundation' change (make location-based scheduling function like one-to-one scheduling, with all claim pieces kept together) I would be thrilled with this software. I am hoping that MediSked is a work in progress because it does show promise in so many ways. I just wish they were as eager to modify the software to help us as they are to help us find a way to "workaround" the inflexibility of the software.