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Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Recommended by: Recommended by:

70% of users

100% of users

Operating Systems: Operating Systems:



Mobile compatibility: Mobile compatibility:

Deployment: Deployment:

Target customer size: Target customer size:

Price: Price:


Most positive review: Most positive review:

“It’s an incredible platform and service. It simplified what had been a total nightmare for me into a completely digital process that I could do in a matter of minutes. It has saved me significant time, money and headaches.”

- Yitz Mendlowitz, PAAY

“It’s easy and affordable! … It really makes the payroll process painless. The interface is easy to use, and also allows you to look up past payroll records in a snap.”

- Christina Millikin, Glow Event Design

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“The product wasn’t what they promised it would be. Although they may claim to have a long list of features, they aren't fully developed. I felt like they built everything just so that they could check a feature off of the list.”

- Joel Calvert, Property Solutions

“ZenPayroll isn’t yet in all 50 states, which makes things tricky if a client of ours hires an employee in a non-supported state. No job costing. Can't customize vacation accrual method.”

- Blake Oliver, Cloudsourced Accounting LLC


How it's priced: How it's priced:


Monthly subscription fee.

Contract term: Contract term:

No contract required.

No contract required.

Upfront costs: Upfront costs:

Additional fees apply for some optional features and setup.

No upfront fees.

Recurring costs: Recurring costs:

No recurring costs.

Fees apply for additional users.

What does it cost?: What does it cost?:


Personnel tracking: Personnel tracking:

Payroll: Payroll:

Benefits administration: Benefits administration:

Time & attendance: Time & attendance:

Applicant tracking: Applicant tracking:

Ease of Use:

Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“Everything is just a few clicks of a button. It got rid of all the annoying paperwork and easily explained what was needed to do. And they took care of all the hard parts behind the scenes.”

- Yitz Mendlowitz, PAAY

“I’ve tried doing payroll and taxes manually, and it really sucks. ZenPayroll walks you through all the tedium, and once you’ve got everything set up, you can essentially set your payroll on auto-pilot. It takes me less than five minutes a month to do payroll.”

- Blake Matson, Kinwa

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“There are many kinks, and you aren’t able to change their default options. [The] API is not accessible, and good luck trying to get the representative to know what an API actually is.”

- Danielle Pirrone, Brilliant Transportation

“The first time you might have some challenges learning the system (i.e., how to find things, where to go etc.), but after that it is easy to use.”

- Soleiman Bolour, Paint My Teez


Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“Our rep has bent over backwards doing things that weren’t even their responsibility, … often responding to our messages in the middle of the night. I’m amazed at the culture of hard work and real customer care.”

- Ryan Petersen, Flexport

“They see every issue through as if you’re the most important or the only client. They’re thorough and they tolerate you if you’re on a learning curve. … It’s how software and support should be done.”

- Nicole Boddam-Whetham, Noggin IT

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“The level of service they provide to client companies is atrocious. … The communication channels are muddled and contact back is not consistent.”

- Juliette McIlroy, YourMechanic.com

“Sometimes the wait is super long, or I leave a message and no one will call me back. There are times when I have to continually follow up and call back numerous times.”

- Bethany Ratliff, Three Bell Capital

Phone support: Phone support:

Toll-free phone support included in subscription fee.

Included in subscription fee.

Online case submission: Online case submission:

Online case submission available to all users.

24/7 online case submission included in subscription fee.

Online support options: Online support options:

Help website and knowledge base included in subscription fee.

Help website and knowledge base included in subscription fee.

Training: Training:

“Getting started” online catalogue included in subscription fee. Online training includes webinars and/or videos.

Free training materials provided on website.

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