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Next gen software and services for hospital and facility-based physician practices. Award-winning smart solutions for hospitalists and rounding doctors on the go.

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1. Mobile Charge Capture App 2. AI-Enhanced Practice Management 3. Full-Service Coding 4. End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management 5. Proprietary Revenue Intelligence Analysis 6. Contracting & Credentialing Programs 7. AR and Process Audits 8. New: Integrated Note Generator and Charge Capture Workflow* 9. New: Enterprise Care Coordination Platform 10. In-App Provider Compensation Management Module 11. Complimentary Coding Analysis and Practice Performance Evaluation 12. Practice IQ Reporting and Benchmarking Tool 13. Claim Tracker Billing Transparency Tool 14. Smart Census Integrat...

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Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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February 2020


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Company Size: 10,000+ employees

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February 2020

Exceeding Expectations So Far

Honestly, they are really living up to what they said they could do for us. It's rare that a company makes strong claims and then outperforms those claims but they really have it down to a science. We did our own time tests to see if the charge capture really does reduce billing to nine seconds and while it varied slightly from doctor to doctor, we actually averaged just over ten seconds, which was frankly unbelievable as we were going to be happy if it came in under a half minute. They just understand how to simplify the normally bulky processes so that with a click and a swipe you can do just about any daily tasks once the patterns are established. It's smart of the doctors really appreciate it.


The ease of use is really hard to believe until you try it out in a demo or implement it for the physicians. It really makes everything really simple and easy to navigate and figure out without all the steps that you have to normally go through to get complex tasks or reports. Everything is really well thought through and they clearly knew what they were doing as it really just addresses every problem the physicians had issues with when using the prior billing and management software. Oh, our doctors absolutely love being able to see how they are doing on a day to day and overall basis for the month. It really makes a big difference to see your progress rather than have to wait and really just end every month guessing on how well you did. I must hear at least three times a week how one doctor is doing compared to another and where they rank in the practice, in the state, or on a national level.


Our execs really were impressed by the demo but Claimocity is a relatively new company so we needed to perform due diligence in order to move forward. It helps that we discovered that the experts behind Claimocity also were a big part of turning Kareo into a giant company, which went a long way for our board. Another helpful piece was that they happily provided contact info for current clients who were willing to talk to us about their experience. We really were able to glean a lot of good insight into the practical day to day operations this way and in the end pulled the trigger and have no complaints. Another big issue for us initially is that while we have primarily full hospitalists utilizing the software, there were some with an office that were unable to participate, which meant we had to have two types of software running, not a deal breaker but not ideal either. This was resolved when they joined forces with PracticeSuite who we have used in the past. The ability to incorporate the office scheduling and electronic health records into the Claimocity functionality has been a really nice addition that allowed us to include our full array of our physicians into a single software which has been a much better method.

Reasons for Switching to Claimocity

One of our senior executives met the Claimocity team at a hospital event in California last year and was really impressed. He passed along the info to all of us on the administrative side to explore the possibility, and it took nearly a year of passing through the right channels and scheduling demos with the practice managers and senior hospital physicians as well as follow up calls to their clients for references before we decided to make the transition. IngeniousMed was great and we had a good relationship, but thus far Claimocity has proven to be the better option for our practitioners.