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Doctors are busy people. There's always someone waiting outside their cabins to meet them. Meeting so many patients, understanding each patient's case history and treatment journey quickly, and giving relevant advice can be a little overwhelming given the time constraint. iPraktice is a Practice Management System that can make the medical practice of a doctor easy and efficient. iPraktice comes with an advanced calendar where doctors can update their availability so that hospital receptionists can book different time slots for each patient. This clarity avoids crowding outside doctor cabins and doctors can attend to patients in a stress-free environment. iPraktice allows doctors to create individual patient profiles where all their scans, previous prescriptions, and...

iPraktice Pricing

iPraktice pricing starts at $39.99/month for SINGLE Location (only). There is a free trial also available for 30 days (only). For MULTIPLE locations, contact at https://www.ipraktice.com/contact See additional pricing details below.

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A$39.99 per month

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Not Available

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