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About Xacte

Xacte is an online medical billing software designed to help general practitioners and medical specialists handle billing claims, appointment scheduling, and payment processing in compliance with RAMQ standards. It allows organizations to automatically capture patients' data by scanning their health insurance numbers through mobile devices. Health professionals can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically validate and generate billing claims using the built-in castonguette. The application integrates with Petal scheduler, which allows stakeholders to create meeting schedules and administrative tasks within the calendar. Xacte enables stakeholders to calculate and review remunerations before sending payment claims to RAMQ. Physicians can use the...

Xacte Pricing

Xacte is available across 6 pricing tiers. Pricing and functionality - outlined below – Plan for Psychiatrists: $212/month Plan for Medical Specialists: • Autonomous - $89/month or $979/year • Expert - $250/month Plan for General Practitioners: • Autonomous - $89/month or $979/year • Clinic - $199/month • Expert - $250/month Plan for Medical Clinics: $199/month/physician Plan for Optometrists: • Autonomous - $45/month • Expert - $89/month or $890/year Plan for Residents: Free trial for 6 Months

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Xacte medical billing platform solution

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