CommunitySuite is a cloud-based non-profit management solution designed for small and midsize companies. Key features include fund accounting, a donor portal, online donation management, scholarship management and event management.

Accounting tools allow users to track assets, liabilities and accounts payable and receivable. The product also allows users to create and manage donor records, fund statements and grants. The online donation management module provides users with an online payment portal for fundraising activities. Users can also create ad hoc donor pages to support emergency fundraising.

The grant management module lets users design forms and workflows, manage reviews, send notifications and send transactions to the accounting system. It also features customer management, enabling users to create contact profiles, filter contacts and send targeted email campaigns. CommunitySuite also offers integration with GuideStar, Foundation Center and GreatNonprofits.

Perpetual licensing and monthly subscription pricing are available. Support is offered through email, phone and online chat.  

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July 2018

Hank from Los Altos Community Foundation

Company Size: 2-10 employees

Review Source: Capterra


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July 2018

It's a frustrating system that is missing so much compared to other options.


It is cloud-based. Unlimited Users. The accounting system seems to work, though I am not an accountant so who knows.


Donation pages are not customizable or user-friendly. There is no way to track the source of donations (even though the description says donation tracking). If you want to track ROI on your website, ads or communications, you can't.

There's no integration with ANY other software(other than Stripe). They do not verify users by email address, so you constantly have to be on top of duplicate accounts from donations. The ticketing system is barebones and difficult to set up.

There's no custom reporting.