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About eeedo

eeedo offers a project management solution that can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. It provides a centralized platform for team members to access conversations, contact information and task-specific topics. Users can also assign tags to help keep information, files and tasks up-to-date. In eeedo, users can track changes through the lifespans of files and projects. They can leave comments on content and their material can be stored online via the cloud. eeedo lets users share information with clients by giving them a restricted view, which can allow them to interact only with pieces of information relevant to them. Other features of the system include visual task management for project tasks, Wiki-style information pages, profile pages, cont...

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Reviewed November 2015

A service that really saves time

We use eeedo for our store chain to communicate with our 21 store network. We communicate all our internal matters using eeedo. We have been relly happy with to work with eeedo and a very good thing is that the software has been all the time developing as we had a few clicks in the begenning but they were solved quickly.