3 Top-Rated Healthcare CMMS Systems

By: on June 18, 2018

Note: This article was updated on 06/18/2018. Due to a change in Software Advice’s methodology for selecting top-rated software, this article now focuses on three products instead of five.

A clean, functional environment is critical for proper health care, but how efficient is your maintenance management using spreadsheets? Not very.

More than half of the health care software buyers who call Software Advice have a manual process in place to make sure their critical medical equipment is up and running. The problem is that they’re using error-prone paper or spreadsheets instead of automating daily tasks with software.

Dozens of systems are able to help manage the maintenance tasks for hospitals, hospices, long-term care centers and other similar settings. To help narrow down the choices, we analyzed real reviews by health care users to find the three most highly rated systems.

3 Maintenance Systems Highly Rated for Health Care

The following systems are the three top-ranked CMMS products based on average overall reviews from real users in a health care setting.

5/5 overall average rating

Designed with a mobile-first focus, UpKeep offers maintenance management functionality with a clean user interface and mobility. Technicians on your team have varying levels of computer skills, so its user-friendly interface helps all your workers to use the system without a lot of training.

Mobile view of UpKeep‘s navigation
UpKeep’s versions include a Starter, Professional and Business Plus option for increasingly larger and more complex maintenance operations. Advanced versions add more reporting capabilities, integrations and custom workflows.

Why it’s valuable for health care organizations: Maintenance workers for larger companies often need to handle tasks in various locations and facilities. Mobility and ease-of-use directly address this problem by giving technicians all the functionality they need no matter where they are. In addition, UpKeep’s mobile app allows users to communicate any changes to work orders as they happen.

4.5/5 overall average rating

MPulse CMMS is able to handle any maintenance task depending on the version you choose. The basic “Bronze” package includes the core modules needed to manage recurring preventive maintenance tasks on a visual calendar, track assets, deal with emergency repairs and produce reports. These capabilities are also available on any web-enabled device.

A dashboard view of important KPIs in MPulse
More advanced versions of the system add asset dashboards, inventory management, vendor management and the ability to enable real-time data streaming and condition-based maintenance.

Why it’s valuable for health care organizations: Hospitals and other health care settings are asset-intensive, so staying on top of their status is critical. Maintenance managers can use dashboards to keep an eye on facility assets, such as an HVAC system, as well as the many other health care-related items. The Maintenance Advisor (seen above) is customizable and shows users the most important information at a glance.

4.5/5 overall average rating

ManWinWin gives users all the core maintenance capabilities, which serve a variety of industries. A color-coded calendar view makes creating and editing scheduled maintenance simple, and inventory and purchasing modules help maintenance departments reduce costs for spare parts.

Setting optimal stock levels in ManWinWin
ManWinWin is available on-premise or in a web-based version, which means you can deploy the software on your own servers, or let ManWinWin manage and maintain the software in the cloud. Both offer unlimited assets, simultaneous users, mobile access and technical support. The vendor also offers a free version for smaller companies.

Why it’s valuable for health care organizations: Reviewers praise ManWinWin’s functionality and value, but many also like the vendor’s support and training services. Each client has access to email, phone or remote support, as well as an online implementation wizard and a site with technical documents and other resources to help users make the most of their investment.

I Need a CMMS! What Now?

According to users, the three systems above are strong choices for health care maintenance, but there are many other software vendors that cater to the health care industry. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, we have a few options to help:

  • Do you have a small budget? Our CMMS Pricing Guide gives you a view of the vendor landscape and pricing, so you can make a financially sound decision.
  • Do you want personalized help to find a CMMS? Our software advisors are available to help—call (855) 998-8505 for a free consultation and a shortlist of the best systems for your business.

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