5 Free and Popular Bug Tracking Software Solutions

By: on January 15, 2020

Free Bug Tracking Software Systems:


Lean Testing



Zoho BugTracker

A major consideration when evaluating bug tracking systems is deciding between free or paid software. Free solutions can significantly reduce costs, but they tend to have a limited feature set and/or support options.

Still, not every business is ready to invest in a comprehensive project management platform. And, researching the various options requires a significant time investment.

To save you this time, below we’ll outline five free bug tracking software solutions* that can help streamline your issue management strategy and cut IT costs.

Free bug tracking software systems

Bug tracking (also referred to as “issue tracking“) is software designed for teams to submit, process, and track issues to resolution. It’s essential to delivering quality software and web development projects. Many bug or issue tracking tools will be a part of a larger project or task management system.

Now let’s dive into five free tools we promised above.


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screenshot of backlog's cloud-based bug tracking and proejct management tool

Backlog offers a free, cloud-based bug tracking and project management tool (Source)

Backlog is a bug tracking system that can scale to the enterprise level. But for small teams the free version offers full lifecycle issue tracking, collaboration to resolve bugs, and prioritization capabilities. Backlog is also a project management tool, as several of the products covered here are, and their paid versions can support businesses at the enterprise level.

The free version is available for up to 10 users and one project. You’ll also get code review and collaboration features to help your team work through bugs quickly.

Free bug tracking capabilities include:

Notifications: Make in-issue comments to keep the right person up to date on the bug’s status or changes and they’ll see the notification right away.

Email bug reporting: Users can report bugs via email so issues can be captured in a timely fashion.

Code management: Source code can be saved in private repositories with integration to Git and SVN and the team can collaborate with comments and change requests inline with the code.

Two-factor authentication: Keep your system secure by requiring two-factor authentication at login.

Mobile app: Available for Android and iOS devices.

Lean Testing

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screenshot of lean testing software for bug testing

Lean Testing is designed for software development teams to test cases and track bugs (Source)

Lean Testing is a bug tracker and testing platform combined with a focus on simple, straightforward bug reporting and workflow management. It’s designed to support website projects, mobile app testing, and general software projects. The software is hosted for you by Lean Testing on Amazon Web Services.

Their free version gives you an unlimited number of users and projects. Lean Testing offers more features, such as custom bug types, starting at $5 per month.

Free bug tracking capabilities include:

Browser plugin: Take screenshots, make notes, and submit a bug directly from the webpage you’re on.

Test cases: Run an unlimited amount of test cases to ensure the bug has been successfully resolved.

Reporting: Track a project’s bugs and issues and/or ongoing IT support bugs with graphs and charts on the reporting dashboard.

Issue Tags: Each issue can have multiple tags linked to it to make searching for groups or individual issues easier.

Mobile app: Report bugs from your iOS or Android mobile device with the free app.


11 reviews

screenshot of ntask's cloud-based tool for individuals and small teams

nTask is a cloud-based tool designed for individuals and small teams (Source)

nTask is bug tracking software that caters to small businesses. It helps you collaborate, track, and manage issues across your team. With nTask, you can also manage projects, timesheets, and general tasks across your team.

With nTask’s free version you get an unlimited number of users, tasks, and workspaces. They offer three paid subscriptions that can support midsize businesses to enterprises, so there’s no worry if your team loves the program but you need a more robust solution down the road.

Free bug tracking capabilities include:

Smart search and filters: Find the issue you’re looking for amongst the long list of reported issues by typing search terms and let the program find it for you.

Multiple assignees: You can assign on bug to multiple people to get the issue resolved quicker.

Assign priority: Each bug can have a priority level and a severity level assigned to it so the team is clear on how to prioritize their time.

Link issues to projects: Link issues related to a project to track for the duration of the project and keep one-off bug fixes separated in reports.

File export: Export lists or reports directly from the dashboard to create PDF, CSV, or XLS files.


12 reviews

screenshot of openproject's open-source bug tracking and project management tool

OpenProject is an open-source bug tracking and project management tool (Source)

OpenProject is a project management solution with issue tracking offered for free. So along with bug tracking features, such as bug reporting templates and team collaboration for quick resolution, you also get budgeting, Gannt charts, and can manage a product’s roadmap.

The free version, they call it the Community version, is self-installed on premise. They offer a cloud-hosted version, where they host the software for you, in the paid versions.

Free bug tracking capabilities include:

Time tracking: Estimate the hours required for the bug fix, set a deadline, and track time to resolution.

Scrum-style backlogs: Schedule sprints to address bugs and support the way your scrum team works.

Custom workflows: Establish the workflow your team needs to report, prioritize, assign, test, and close bugs.

Templated bug reports: Create templates for reporting bugs with mandatory fields and assign to the appropriate workflow for resolution.

File export: Export individual bugs or full bug reports to a PDF, CSV, or XLS file.

Zoho BugTracker

82 reviews

screenshot of zoho bugtracker's free, cloud-based bug tracking tool

Zoho BugTracker offers a free, cloud-based bug tracking tool (Source)

Zoho BugTracker is software designed for software development teams to capture, track, manage, and close bugs and issues. It can be integrated within the larger suite of Zoho products, such as Zoho Projects, IT Custom Solutions, and CRM, so the product can grow with you as your needs expand.

The free version supports up to five users and five client users on one project.

Free bug tracking capabilities include:

Collaboration: Comment and tag other users in bugs, in the live news feed, or in an instant chat

Bug list import: Import lists of bugs from a CSV or connect to JIRA (if you have it) instead of manually entering each one.

User management: Assign user roles to ensure the right people have the proper permissions and rights.

Document management: Upload and manage files to add details to a bug or the project in general.

Reporting: Basic reporting capabilities with filters by status, assignee, severity, and more.

When should you invest in paid software?

A growing team often requires a level of technical and customer support that isn’t available with most free systems. Free versions typically don’t offer the fastest service level agreement or communication options for support that the vendor has. So for example if you need responses within 4 hours via a phone call or instant messaging options, you’ll need to look into the paid versions.

If your team requires project management capabilities outside of bug tracking, you may need a more comprehensive project and task management systems. Several of the above products offer advanced project management features in their paid versions, so you like using the free version it’s possible the paid one with the additional features you want will be a good fit.

Next steps

If you’re interested in learning more about additional tools, check out our list of products with real user reviews alongside. We’ve also created a Bug Tracking Software Buyer’s Guide with information on the vendor landscape, benefits of the software, and more.

If you’d like a real person to chat with about software and your specific business, our experts are always happy to help. It’s free for you. Click here to schedule an appointment for a phone call or start a live chat here.

*To identify the systems featured here, we Googled the term “free bug tracking software” during the month of December 2019 in an incognito window with the location set to the U.S.. The top search results were vetted to ensure they offer basic bug reporting and tracking capabilities and offer a free, standalone version of the software (not a trial version of the software where you must purchase a product after a limited amount of time).

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