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ManWinWin is a maintenance management system designed to help maintenance professionals track and repair assets and equipment within any industry, from industrial plants, ports and government facilities to hotels, hospitals and shopping malls.

The system offers detailed asset datasheets to include important information, such as components, location, codes, vendor information and images. Tasks also include a checklist of safety precautions and specific actions to take.

A work order calendar allows users to drag and drop tasks, while assigned color codes show whether a task is near the due date, past due or on time.

Users can define and customize the key performance indicators they want the system to display, adding a level of flexibility to assist maintenance professionals.

ManWinWin's interface is simple and the system can be implemented quickly, with both on-premise and Web-based deployment options available. 


ManWinWin - Items list
  • ManWinWin - Items list
    Items list
  • ManWinWin - Asset information
    Asset information
  • ManWinWin - Preventive maintenance checklist
    Preventive maintenance checklist
  • ManWinWin - Work order calendar
    Work order calendar
  • ManWinWin - Reporting features
    Reporting features
  • ManWinWin - Create custom KPIs
    Create custom KPIs
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Windows 8

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