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Practice-Web is open-source dental software suitable for practices of all sizes, offering charting, imaging, billing, patient scheduling and practice management modules. Practice-Web is an on-premise system compatible with Windows operating systems; applications can be sold individually or as a suite.

The charting system provides users with three-dimensional charting, allowing them to view and re-position teeth to mimic conditions within the patient’s mouth. Photographs and X-rays can be attached to the chart as well as progress notes, planned treatments and upcoming appointments. It also offers templates for periodontal charting.

The practice management module includes electronic treatment-consent forms, which can be digitally signed by the patient using a tablet device or e-signature terminal. A patient information terminal allows patients to enter information directly into the system, eliminating the need for paper forms. New patients can also register on the Web through either the practice’s website or a HIPAA-compliant site provided by the vendor.


Practice-Web  - Practice management
  • Practice-Web  - Practice management
    Practice management
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    Paperless solutions
  • Practice-Web  - Patient education
    Patient education
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    Imaging software
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    Digital radiography
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    Digital panoramic
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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July 2013

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