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Aprima EHR is part of the complete Aprima system, including Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management solutions. Setting the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility, Aprima software works for its users, instead of users having to work for the software.

Aprima EHR’s Intelligent Navigation seems to read the minds of users when it presents clinically relevant findings based on presenting symptoms, diagnosis code, and preferred treatments. Built on a single database, the Aprima EHR and PM systems are fully integrated. It features unique, patent-pending Replication technology to let users work anywhere, anytime, with or without an Internet connection. It was specifically designed to take advantage of mobile hardware including the Aprima Mobile smartphone app, allowing users makes the most of tablets, touchscreens, and smart phones.

Why do we recommend Aprima EHR? It includes a built-in and expandable knowledge base covering over fifty specialties. Aprima is also one of the few companies with a fifteen-year track record of success, including being one of the first EHRs to achieve complete Certification for Meaningful Use Stage 2 in 2013.

Aprima EHR allows users to choose the deployment option to suit the unique needs of their particular practice – either web-based or on-premise.Aprima Financing offers users one-stop shopping for the software, support and technology financing needs of medical practices of many sizes in a wide range of specialties.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Mac OS

2 Reviews of Aprima EHR


from Huntsville Family Medicine
Specialty: Family medicine
Size of portfolio: 2 to 5 users Portfolio size: 2 to 5 users

Aprima saved our practice.


The dashboard is not cumbersome; it is easy to maneuver around and user-friendly.


This product exceeds all expectations and has increased our revenue.

Product Quality

This product is well written, and they continue to upgrade on a consistent basis to meet needs as they arise. They also are well versed in meaningful use.

Customer Support

Love the product; love the support. Both are top notch.

Likes Best

We were an Allscripts MyWay user. After 18 months on the product Allscripts decided to discontinue support for MyWay and offered us a "free" upgrade to their very busy Professional product. After putting a pencil to it the "free" upgrade was going to cost us considerably. Aprima to the rescue!

Because they wrote the MyWay product, their EHR was exactly what my physicians were used to using so the transition for them was seamless. The product is user friendly and not too busy. The PM product is wonderful! The applications are also user-friendly and easy to maneuver. We are getting paid within days of filing claims. We are very pleased with both aspects of this product and learning more each day as we use it. Also, the support is wonderful. You actually get an English-speaking American. That is worth its weight in gold to me.

Likes Least

Sometimes the turnaround time on logged cases is not as quick as I'd like.


For the EMR, if you have providers who are not too tech-savvy, this product is for you. However, my tech-savvy physicians are very pleased as well. The product is very user-friendly. Everyone will have that initial 2-3 months of chaos, but after the transition is done, you will find this product beneficial to your practice. The PM product is better than I imagined, and I look forward to seeing what all this thing can do for my practice.


from Associates in Medicine, P.A.





Product Quality

Product Quality

Customer Support

Customer Support


We have used Aprima since 2011. We moved from paper to electronic format using a staged process that I spearheaded as project manager. In November 2011, we implemented the PM system. In February 2012, we moved. I became Aprima PRM 2011 certified and began training physicians in May for a July and August implementation. I met with each of the physicians who were participating in the first of the three waves of go-lives beginning in May and started exposing them to the product. I began meeting with the second wave physicians in June. By July, three physicians were already using Aprima, even though their official Go Live date hadn't arrived. Five physicians were using it by the end of July. We ran a part-electronic/part-paper schedule, which we ramped up as the physicians felt comfortable. It took six months before all of our physicians were 100% electronic.

While the process of converting was difficult, we had almost no loss of patient volume. We did not cancel appointments or block off vast swaths of the schedule due to the implementation. The software was relatively easy to pick up for our physicians once it was configured administratively and once the physicians and staff became accustomed to the program's layout. Customer support has been pretty good and has only gotten better since we began with them. There were a lot of crashes early on, but those have been 99% fixed. We have submitted dozens of tickets and almost all of them were completely resolved within 24-48 business hours. Any emergencies were handled within a couple hours. If you do have a more complex issue that has to be passed on to a developer, though, you may be waiting.

We've actually seen an improvement in our patient flow and our ability to measure the practice's performance has vastly improved. We now have a number of fixed quantitative measures that we can follow for clinical, financial, and operational performance such as no show %, revenue per procedure, E&M coding averages, lab/task/phone message completion rates, etc. which we can map by provider, site, CPT, date, or whatever other dimension we wish. It's really crazy how flexible reporting can be with 3rd party software. I estimated the number of linear inches for a file rack for our existing chart storage before we moved them to their new home in the new medical records suite by retrieving the first letter of the last name of each patient that was seen since Aprima began and dividing it by the total number of patients, then multiplying it by the number of available inches to get the amount that should be allocated to the A's, B's, C's, etc.

We were able to reduce the medical records department from 4.6 FTE employees to 3.25 FTE employees. Our clinic is now distributed in separate offices. We were able to move our business office outside of the clinic into another suite in the building and our medical records department was moved out as well. This was not possible without Aprima. This made room for an additional physician who we onboarded just two months ago, and it positions us to expand even more. Our no-show rate has reduced from 4.5% in May 2012 to 0.9% in October 2013 due to appointment confirmation e-mails, calls, and text messages that were not possible before our conversion. We are saving thousands on paper, folders, inserts, envelopes, postage, and other materials. We have begun tapering off our off-site storage, which is a $1,000/month expense that will be reducing by $200/month every year for the next 5 years. Patients love being able to log on to our patient portal to look at their lab results, which has saved our staff from having to call or mail results when patient labs are normal.

Our physicians are seeing more patients per day on average than they ever have before. We are on our way to our highest-ever year when judged by total revenue. The physicians love being able to go home and remote into the office to do work. Our physicians are generally happier and more relaxed than they were when we were using paper. Staff are happier and more relaxed. The administrator and HR manager is able to focus on side projects because there are fewer conflicts.

All-in-all, Aprima has been a huge success, although it could use a number of improvements to speed and the overall design of the product.

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