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Binfire is a cloud-based project management, task management and collaboration tool for small to midsize companies. It features task management, interactive Gantt charts, burndown charts, project dashboards, project folders, reporting, interactive whiteboards, collaborative PDF markup, group chat and tagging.

Binfire’s project dashboards provide a graphical view of all project data and supports Agile methodology and Kanban boards. Project members can access dashboards from their mobile devices.

Binfire task management provides tasks, sub-tasks and dependencies such as detailed descriptions, start and end dates and priority levels. It records all versions of a file, and each version can be viewed at any time by any team member.

This solution also features interactive whiteboards, which allow teams to brainstorm and collaborate in one place.

Binfire provides dedicated storage for users’ personal and project files, and it allows users to import files from Dropbox and Google drive.


Binfire - Project dashboard
  • Binfire - Project dashboard
    Project dashboard
  • Binfire - Task management
    Task management
  • Binfire - Gantt charts
    Gantt charts
  • Binfire - Interactive whiteboards
    Interactive whiteboards
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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