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Todoist is a project management solution designed to cater to the needs of small and midsize businesses. It bundles project scheduling, document management and task management functionalities within a single solution.

Todoist is available both for both cloud and on-premise deployment and can be accessed on tablets and smartphone devices via a mobile app. The product features task management tools, which allow users to create project tasks and assign them to people.

Users can then collaborate, share project statuses and invite other people to the project. The document management functionality enables users to upload and share documents via Google Docs and Dropbox.

Todoist is available in three versions: Todoist Free, Todoist Premium and Todoist Business. The free and premium versions are for personal use, while the Todoist Business version is suited for business application.

With the help of the solution's “Todoist Karma” module, users can prepare customized reports on projects and tasks, and project managers can gain a complete view of their projects from one system.


Todoist - Karma reporting
  • Todoist - Karma reporting
    Karma reporting
  • Todoist - Task management
    Task management
  • Todoist - Task status
    Task status
  • Todoist - Calendar view
    Calendar view
  • Todoist - Mobile devices
    Mobile devices
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Unix, IBM OS/400, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows 10

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Adrian from MIT
Specialty: Healthcare
Number of employees: 501-1,000 employees Employees number: 501-1,000 employees

April 2017

April 2017

Great product to help you organize



Product Quality

Customer Support

I'm using the free version, and it's a great tool to help organize your todo tasks. It's perticularly powerful if you're happy to use keywords and shortcuts to improve your organization. Shortcuts allow to quickly prioritize, sort into projects and date while typing - no extra clicking and so on.

I've run into two small difficulties using it: the first is a lack of integration into google calendar, which would be very useful. There are some javascript hacks out there, but there was no support from todoist when I checked. Second, the software makes it so easy to enter the tasks that I end up entering too many tasks, and it makes it more difficult to solve them. But of course this is not really a problem with the software as much as with my use of it.


ease of use, great interface, easy to enter complex new tasks with keywords for organization


no integration with google calendar (at time that I checked)

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