ConnectWise SIEM Alternatives




Top 14 Alternatives


ContentCatcher is a cloud-based, anti-spam and email security solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage and prevent cyber threats. The centralized platform allows businesses to scan email attachments or URLs for mal...Read more about ContentCatcher


Kiteworks offers enterprise organizations secure file sharing, firewall, and collaboration solutions that enables internal and external sharing of content without requiring a VPN. The software provides content connectors to Box, D...Read more about Kiteworks

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McAfee Security for Email Servers

McAfee Security for Email Servers is a cloud-based solution, designed to help enterprises detect and block viruses, worms, and trojans from entering the network. McAfee Security for Email Servers allows security teams to identif...Read more about McAfee Security for Email Servers

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Paubox Email Suite

Paubox is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant email solution provider that helps small to midsize health care businesses send and receive emails. It provides several modules, including Email DLP suite, which protects data and assures c...Read more about Paubox Email Suite

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OnDMARC is a message authentication system for business emails. It helps to prevent malicious use of business domains for spoof messages. Email is the main source of security breaches, and the system prevents unauthorized sendin...Read more about OnDMARC


RMail® is the e-security platform by RPost®. RMail specializes in elegantly easy to use email encryption for privacy and compliance, e-signatures, legal e-delivery proof, secure file sharing, email impostor protection, document ri...Read more about RMail

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MimeCast Email Security

MimeCast Email Security is a cloud-based solution, which enables businesses in education, manufacturing, legal, healthcare, financial services, construction and other industries to enforce information security policies, block mali...Read more about MimeCast Email Security

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GFI MailEssentials

GFI MailEssentials is a cloud-based anti-spam solution that helps small to large enterprises manage spam emails and prevent potential malware threats. It comes with an admin console, which enables users to synchronize critical dat...Read more about GFI MailEssentials

Avast Premium Business Security

Avast Premium Business Security combines our next-gen antivirus with VPN and USB control to help your employees and their devices stay more private and safer online, as well as offline.  You can manage our next-gen endpoint prot...Read more about Avast Premium Business Security

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Avanan is an email security platform designed to help businesses track and monitor applications including Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Slack and Microsoft Teams. The artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution allows organizat...Read more about Avanan

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NeverBounce is an email verification solution that enables enterprises, startups and non-profit organizations to remove duplicate emails, detect threats and verify email lists. The platform lets professionals utilize various propr...Read more about NeverBounce

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usecure's human risk management (HRM) platform evaluates employee security posture against evolving cyber threats and reduces user-related security incidents caused by human error, whilst demonstrating compliance with core securit...Read more about usecure

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Graphus is a cloud-based anti-phishing and email security solution, designed to protect enterprises against credential theft, identity spoofing, malware, ransomware, brand impersonation, account takeover and email fraud. Graphus...Read more about Graphus

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Cisco Secure Email

Cisco Secure Email is a cloud-based email security solution that helps businesses combat business email compromise (BEC), ransomware, malware, phishing and spam attacks. It enables employees to securely communicate with internal o...Read more about Cisco Secure Email

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