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QCommission is a cloud-based and on-premise sales commission solution for small to midsize businesses and larger enterprises. It helps users calculate salespeople’s compensation. QCommission allows users to calculate commissi...Read more about QCommission


CompensationXL is a cloud-based human resources (HR) solution. It allows users to create workbooks, which they can access online. The solution stores business rules and the data is fed automatically to human resources information ...Read more about CompensationXL

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Sales Cookie

Sales Cookie is a cloud-based solution designed to help SMBs and large companies automate sales commission for their reps. It provides a modern user interface with an online dashboard that breaks down goal and payout information f...Read more about Sales Cookie

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Commissionly is a cloud based sales commission and compensation solution for ISO's FMO's, Insurance Brokers, Merchant Services Companies, Financial Services and Education , Telecoms and Energy Companies. The Commissionly platform...Read more about Commissionly

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