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Top 15 Alternatives


Taggg is a cloud-based scheduling software that allows users to schedule group meetings using Google or Microsoft calendars. The software enables users to connect with contacts in their network and calendars to find and agree on...Read more about Taggg


MobiWork® prides itself as the top software solution that helps companies with technicians in the field to carry out their job efficiently without any delays but with superior logistical coordination, dispatch, GPS tracking, payme...Read more about MobiWork

Merlin Project

Merlin Project is a project management (PM) solution natively written for macOS and iOS. It caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. The key features include work breakdown (gantt chart, netplan and more), kanb...Read more about Merlin Project


Workflow Max is a cloud-based workflow and job management solution designed to serve small to midsize service-based businesses. Along with key project management capabilities, the solution provides quote creation, timesheets, job ...Read more about WorkflowMax

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FrontRunners 2023

SyncThemCalendars is a cloud-based scheduling solution, designed to help businesses or freelancers process multiple synchronizations between calendars, save events on a private or personal calendar, block time based on events from...Read more about SyncThemCalendars

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Doodle is a cloud-based appointment scheduling platform, which helps small to large size enterprises schedule meetings and appointments. The prime features of Doodle comprise of access invitation, calendar management, invite ...Read more about Doodle

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Powerproject is a cloud-based project management solution that helps users plan and design 3D and 4D models while scheduling and monitoring the progress of tasks throughout construction. Key features include project planning, coll...Read more about Powerproject

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Celayix Software is a time & attendance and employee scheduling solution designed to assist organizations manage their labor workforce. This business solution is suitable for businesses scaling from a small, single store retailer ...Read more about Celayix

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RationalPlan is a project management solution that helps small and midsize businesses plan projects, allocate resources, analyze workloads, track work progress, estimate project costs and manage budgets. Students, universitie...Read more about RationalPlan

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SuperSaaS offers a cloud-based online appointment scheduling tool suitable for businesses of all sizes. Features include integrations with existing websites and Facebook pages, reporting and analytics tools, calendar synchronizati...Read more about SuperSaaS

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BookSteam is an online appointment scheduling solution. It offers business and customer-facing functionality so that customers/clients can schedule appointments online, while businesses can manage these appointments on the backend...Read more about BookSteam

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Teamup is a calendar management platform that helps businesses create color-coded sub-calendars to organize and schedule tasks, events, projects, resources and more. Team members can use the drag-and-drop interface to plan recurri...Read more about Teamup

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Google Calendar

FrontRunners 2023

Google Calendar is a calendar management solution that helps organizations schedule and track meetings and events. It enables employees to create to-do lists and automatically receive reminders to complete specific tasks. Google ...Read more about Google Calendar

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SOPlanning is a project management solution that helps production plants, IT teams, emergency service providers and other businesses create, plan, organize and manage multiple projects on a centralized platform. It comes with a ta...Read more about SOPlanning

Shift Agent

Shift Agent is an employee scheduling solution that helps businesses create and publish employee schedules and facilitate team communication. It enables managers to track employees’ availability, approve vacation requests and add ...Read more about Shift Agent